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Walberg Lying that Constituents don’t Mention Russia to Him

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Walberg’s Initial Claim:
Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Coffee Hour
Dundee, MI
Walberg: “So things are happening. We’ll see who’s subpoenaed. The Intelligence Committee relative to Uranium, relative to some of the things that Loretta Lynch, who is going to be before the Intelligence Committee and testify in there, did on the tarmac included, as well as I’m sure we’ll get to the Uranium deals and everything else. We’re supposed to run according to the rules so everybody understands the law impacts them equally with anyone else - whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, whether you’re a past administration, or present administration. And we know that hearings are being held on RussiaMost of the American people, at least in my district - we go all across this district, don’t even mention Russia. It wasn’t mentioned in either of my Town Hall meetings yesterday. So why did I bring it up?” [Walberg turns to the moderator to move on to the next question.]

About ten minutes after Walberg said that in Dundee, the moderator asked him a question from a constituent about Russia.Thanks to the videos that are recorded by constituents at Walberg’s public events, and shared on the internet, we can check what was actually said at them. Walberg had two Coffee Hour events the day before, and the full videos of both of them are available to see whether or not any constituents mentioned Russia. It turns out that constituents did mention Russia at both events, very clearly. So Walberg lied about that.

1-The Day Before:
Monday, August 7, 2017
Coffee Hour
Jackson, MI
Moderator: “Final question here, Terrence out of Jackson: Will you publicly support working for… the question here is kind of difficult to read here.” – [The constituent stands up.]

Live Constituent Question: “I’m Terrence … My question is: Will you publicly speak out against any attempt by the Trump administration to remove Special Counsel Mueller, from the Russia investigation? Will you speak out against it?”

Moderator: “That’s not the question I have written here.”

Walberg: “That’s not the question, right?”

Constituent: “It is in there.”

Walberg: “Let me answer it. Let me say, That is the executive branch’s responsibility. That is a responsibility that is undertaken by them. It’s - No, I can’t say it. If we find out that Robert Mueller – [Loud groans from constituents]

Walberg: “Let me answer the question. If we find that Robert Mueller ultimately goes a purely political direction, because of hiring his attorney staff right now that came from Hillary Clinton’s staff – [More loud groans, hisses, and boos]- “No, no, no, no. These are-” - [Boos and groans]- “These are financial records.

Moderator: “Please allow the Congressman to answer the question.”

Walberg: “Many of you have never forgot about John Engler yet. So, These are financial records, that you can see his staff that he has put together of attorneys. We’re very concerned, because of campaign contributions, etcetera. That this is going to be a true, a true effort. So the only reason I will not say that, is if it is apparent this is become a political witch hunt very clearly, I will not stand for against that. And if it went the other way, you wouldn’t. Right? Absolutely.”

2-The Day Before:
Monday, August 7, 2017
Coffee Hour
Delta Township, MI
Moderator read QuestionLisa from Dimondale: Do you consider obstruction of justice to be an impeachable offense? If Donald Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller, refuses to cooperate with the investigation, or is found to have obstructed justice, will you vote to impeach him? If not, why?”

Walberg: “I can’t answer that.”

Constituent Heckle: “Yeah, you can.”

Walberg: “You have to see the reason and rationale behind it. Right now you have to say, why has Mueller hired attorneys that contributed significant dollars to Obama and to Hillary?”

[Loud groans, boos, hisses, and disagreement from constituents.]

Constituents’ Heckles: “Come on!” –“Oh, Please!” - “That’s a deflection from the issue! What’s the issue?” – “Scaramucci!”

Walberg: “The issue is –

Constituent Heckle: “Collusion!”

Walberg: “Donald Trump has made no statements that he’s gonna fire Mueller. So we’re talkin’ about a hypothetical here. We’re talkin’ about hypothetical here. And bottom line is, until we deal with reality – If the President – I can tell you this: If the President does something illegal, or in violation of his oath of office, certainly I would support impeachment.”

Constituent Heckle: “Conflict of interest by -”

Walberg: “But if you’re talking about – If we’re talking about political perception, that’s a different ballgame. That’s a different ballgame. We could’a said the same thing about political perception about Obama.” 

Constituent Heckle: “What about his conflict of interests?”

Walberg: “If you were in the number of my town halls, as I addressed people who said we ought’a be impeaching Obama, I would say two things: One –“

Constituent Hekckle: “What about the emoluments clause?”

Walberg: “- What is it that he should be impeached for? Incompetence doesn’t count. And secondly, where do you get the votes to do that? So I think I’ve answered the question.” - [Walberg then wraps up the event with final remarks.]

“talkin’ about a hypothetical…”– It’s absurd for Walberg to say he won’t address hypotheticals. Every question involves hypotheticals, such as Walberg’s hypothetical to get rid of the U.S. Department of Education, or Walberg’s hypothetical for The Fair Tax Plan, which involves getting rid of both the IRS and the 16thAmendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Here is every Coffee Hour event that Walberg had in 2017 up to the events in August:
Constituents Mentioning Russia to Walberg at Town Halls up to August 2017
March 3, 2017
Hillsdale, MI
Question read by Moderator: “Congressman, we have several questions regarding Russia, and the theme from Tony and Carol and others, Carol from Brooklyn, Tony from Tecumseh, and some other folks is: Do you support an appoint of an Independent counsel to get all the facts about Russia’s involvement in our democracy? – Heckle: “Here, here!” – [broad applause from attendees] – Walberg[Smiling] “Okay, next question, heh, heh.” – Several heckles: “It’s not funny!” – “It’s a domestic threat!”
March 18, 2017
Adrian, MI
Question read by Moderator: “Congressman, this question has to do with the current President’s issues connected with Russian interference, allegations that the Trump campaign cooperated with Russian officials. This comes from Meredith in Adrian and Joe in Onsted: Concerned about the cooperation with Russian officials, Congress can act unilaterally to release Trump – release his tax returns I should say. This is a matter of public trust. I want to be able to trust the President. Your thoughts about that? And the second part of this is how do you intend to fight bigotry in the White House? The President is surrounding himself with people that are racist.” – [Note: Walberg never addressed the bigotry & racism question]
March 20, 2017
Chelsea, MI
Question read by Moderator: “The next stack, and there’s quite a few of these that are worded identical. So I think I’ll cover many of you with this next question: As a man of faith, will you pledge to support truth and integrity and demand investigations and resignations if there is evidence that elected officials led or misled the public?” – [Huge applause and cheers from constituents] – Walberg: “Yes.” – [Walberg lowers the microphone. Constituents heckle for more explanation and demand more of a response from Walberg] – Walberg: “I answered the question as written.” – [Walberg lowers the microphone again to roaring boos from crowd. Walberg silently faces constituents smirking, and then the moderator moves on to the next question.]
- (At 34:45 mark) Another question is asked about Trump’s taxes, and Walberg mentions the ongoing Russian investigations.
March 31, 2017
Eaton Rapids, MI
Question read by Moderator: “This question is a culmination of several. Lisa in Dimondale, PaulMichael in Dimondale, and Will in Grand Ledge. And essentially: When the time comes, if it comes, will you have the courage to put your country before party politics, profit, and President, and vote to impeach Trump for colluding with the Russian government?” – [Huge cheers, applause, and holding up of ‘Agree’ signs from constituents in the crowd]
April 7, 2017
Luna Pier, MI
[No constituent questions about Russia at this event]
May 11, 2017
Jackson, MI
Question read by Moderator: “Okay, these next questions are about RussiaJackie from Dimondale, Marlene from Jackson, Rebecca from Parma, Rachelfrom Dexter, Deb from Lansing, Lucy from Tecumseh, Mary from Tecumseh, Lynn from Saline, Amanda from Chelsea, Maryanne from Ann Arbor, Wanettafrom Adrian, Sylvia from Jackson, Mary Rose from Jackson, Pat from Grass Lake, Deborah from Chelsea, James from Ann Arbor, Maggie from Dexter, Angie from Gregory, Cathy from Ann Arbor, Carol from Jackson, Joanne from Manchester, and Todd from Dexter – All have questions relating to: Do you support an independent investigation into Russia and the election? – [Truly deafening cheers and applause broke out before the moderator finished asking the question] – Moderator continues: “Congressman, before you answer - There are three related questions that are a little more specific. Do you want those now? Okay. Carolyn from Chelsea says: Please give us your reaction to the Comey firing, and what you see forthcoming as a result? Kim from Dexter says: Will you demand a special prosecutor to investigate? We do not trust either Democrats or Republicans to conduct a fair investigation. And William from Ann Arbor says: Has any evidence been presented to you of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign during the election?
May 26, 2017
Coldwater, MI
Question read by Moderator: “Okay, Barbara from Quincy asks: What’s your view of Russian activities in interfering with our elections?
July 6, 2017
Saline, MI
[Video of event not found]
[Unknown what questions were asked at this event.]

Luna Pier was the only event where constituents didn’t mention Russia. The event in Saline is unknown for lack of video. Yet Walberg claims: “Most of the American people, at least in my district - we go all across this district, don’t even mention Russia. It wasn’t mentioned in either of my Town Hall meetings yesterday.” – It is irresponsible for Walberg to lie to, and misrepresent his own Constituents directly to their faces like that.

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