Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Walberg Lied to Us Where a Health Care Chart was Produced

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For Seven years, Tim Walberg has misled or lied to the public about where a chart about the ACA was produced. Most recently he lied, by saying the chart was “produced under CBO” and “put together by CBO”. Even as he read directly from it, he misstated who it was prepared by. He had been using the chart as a prop in town halls for seven years, so he absolutely knew who created it. It was created by two GOP members of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC)and their Republican Staff.

“Some of you may have seen this chart… This is the health care bill. This was what was passed. If you go to Investor’s Business Daily, you can copy this off for yourself if you’d like.”


“Have you seen this chart? You can go online and look at Investor’s Business Daily, and you can print it off…”

“Let me show you. This is the Affordable Care Act. The decision that came for your insurance came from the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.”

This is an actual schematic that was produced under CBO and other, there’s small type on the bottom there, I can tell the organization, I know The Ways and Means Committee, and the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee had this put out. This is what it takes to get your health care under the Affordable Care Act.”

Video (44:35 mark):

“Let me just show this to you. This as you see is the Affordable Care ActThat spaghetti was put together by CBO, and done with, in cooperation with the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. And you can see that’s what it takes under Affordable Care Act to provide health care coverage for you.”

Video (0:06:30 mark):

The Health Chart, Produced by Congressional Republicans:
Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Chart by the GOP JEC
Washington, DC
Enlargement of Chart (above) showing that it was produced by GOP Congress Members

Above, selection from the GOP Press Release which explains the development of the chart.

The Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) editorial that Walberg suggested that people go read had the headline: ObamaCare: A Tangled Knot Around America’s Throat(August 3, 2010). (The original link is down, but is still obtainable through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine):

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