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Walberg's "political work" in Uganda


September 7, 2015: Walberg (wearing member pin) & family secretly met President Museveni





2.     TIMELINE OF THREE UGANDA TRIPS: September 2015, July 2021, October 2023

3.     REPORT: Walberg’s “political work” in Uganda





When asked on the radio what listeners should think of recent press coverage of Tim Walberg’s speech in Uganda from October 8, 2023, Walberg said, “It’s a lie.” Walberg denied the content of other speeches at the event, “no one spoke to any law” and denied the reality of laws against homosexuality in Uganda, “They didn’t criminalize same-sex conduct. And I think it’s because of my advice 13 years ago. I discouraged them doing that. I discouraged them having a callout any homosexual activity under penalty of law. So, no. I think I’ve had some impact there.” Walberg wasn’t even in Congress 13 years ago. His denials were an insult to the Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni who’s been in office for 38 years, and Walberg said, “I have a close personal relationship with”. Museveni thanked Walberg at the 2023 prayer breakfast, “I want to thank the Congressman from Michigan because you have seen... the ones who come to tell you about homosexuals... there are other Americans, other Western people who think like us.”. If Walberg had any sort of consistent values then he would want us to believe his ‘close personal’ dictator friend was lying about him too. 

No evidence supports that Walberg has so much political influence in the national legislative chambers of Uganda that he could simply, “discourage them” and cause, “some impact” upon their laws. It also contradicts Walberg’s own earlier denials to my questions about his two-week trip to Uganda from July 2021. In a radio call-in, Walberg described meeting with the Ugandan President, Attorney General, Secretary of Education, and “a number of parliamentarians” and that 2021 trip was, “a good opportunity during that two-week period to meet with some of those as well and do some – do some political work.” When I asked Walberg to describe that ‘political work’, he denied his own earlier words, Um, I misstated in the statement I made, I think on the radio. Um, political work wasn’t what I did. I talked politics. I met with the President, and I’d like to not mention the country’s name.” So, Walberg would prefer for constituents to believe that 28.5 years into his lawmaking career he confused himself over the meaning of ‘political work’, rather than clarify the nature of his meetings with [not mention the country’s name]’s highest political leaders. I have previously reported on Walberg using his position in public office to broker meetings with powerful people to benefit his family’s Ugandan tourism business. Additional records from a 2015 trip now show that while Walberg was skipping multiple House committee hearings and roll call votes, he met with President Museveni, the Speaker of Parliament, and students at a tourism institute to promote “a gold mine” of Ugandan tourism. Tim Walberg’s “political work” is to selfishly exploit whatever limited influence he has from our Congressional office to stuff his own pockets for as long as he can.

1.     TIMELINE OF THREE UGANDA TRIPS: September 2015, July 2021, October 2023

2015: Unknown departure date to September 10 (Skipped Hearings & House votes on this trip)

Evidently purpose of trip was to visit family and broker meetings for family tourism business


On June 26, 2015 The Supreme Court released the Obergefell v. Hodges decision. The same day Walberg declared in a press release that he would continue to “debate” against human rights: 

“The debate and decision over this issue should be left to individual states and the millions of Americans who democratically addressed the definition of marriage at the ballot box, not nine unelected Justices. Religious liberty is a central protection of the First Amendment, and as we move forward in this debate, government should not force citizens to be in a position to violate their deeply held religious beliefs.”


Four days later, on June 30 Walberg went overseas to The Ukrainian Prayer Breakfast and never posted anything about it to constituents in Michigan. From August to September, Walberg secretly spent three weeks in Uganda. Walberg skipped two hearings on August 25 and August 27 of the Education and Workforce Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions, and skipped a House vote on September 8. Since participating in a photo-op with some farmers in Morenci on August 19, Walberg did not appear at any other public events in the US until he showed up late to DC for a Roll Call vote on September 10. Earlier that day, Walberg was absent from a House roll call vote and from a hearing without any public explanation. During those absences, it was only Ugandan news coverage that showed Walberg attending several meetings and events to promote Ugandan tourism while skipping his Congressional duties.


In 2017, Walberg described at a town hall on May 26, that he had been in Uganda, “a few weeks back” and paid, “38 bucks... cash” to have a dental crown glued back on. Other than that verbal account, I have not found any other public information about that trip.


On October 17, 2018, Walberg’s Son-in-Law signed the State of Michigan’s Articles of Organization for the Ugandan tourism business, “Red Road Tours, LLC” based out of Tim Walberg’s home address in Michigan. His spouse, Sue Walberg was identified as the resident agent. On April 22, 2020 I wrote a report about Tim Walberg brokering a lot of meetings with campaign donors, Ugandan officials, and local colleges for the benefit of his family business. After that, Walberg became even more secretive about his dealings in Uganda. 


2021: Approx. July 2 to July 18 (Walberg: “Two Weeks”)

Walberg said purpose of private trip was to visit family and, “do some political work”


In 2021, Walberg was conspicuously absent from the usual 4th of July events around the District. Whenever Walberg went on international trips personally or organized by The Fellowship Foundation, his office continued to post photo-ops of past events from around the district, as if Walberg was still around. Even after the fact, Walberg’s office avoided posting anything about his overseas trips. I decided to tune into the livestream Committee Hearing on July 15 when Walberg’s Republican colleague, Virginia Foxx announced that Walberg was calling in from Uganda. Walberg later told me, “Virginia Foxx did that, and I’m disappointed she did it”.


2023: October 4 to October 10 (Source: House Ethics Disclosure)

Purpose of “gift travel” was to meet with Ugandan Officials and speak at Prayer Breakfast


In 2023, Walberg continued to flee from his responsibilities in US Congress for another secret overseas rendezvous. Walberg left for that trip the day after his party’s colleagues ousted their own Speaker of the House, without a prospective replacement. And they didn’t appoint a new speaker until two-weeks after Walberg returned. Per usual, Walberg’s office never posted anything about the trip.


Timeline note: This accounting of Walberg’s trips to Uganda is decidedly limited to only publicly available sources.

3.     REPORT: Walberg’s “political work” in Uganda

“Now, this will probably get back to the national media in the United States, and I expect some pushback, but I’m not gonna give in to them.” – Walberg, October 8, 2023

The Detroit News named my blog for having “first reported” on Walberg’s Uganda speech


The wave of commentary and news coverage about Tim Walberg’s 2023 speech in Uganda contained almost no response directly from Walberg. His 2020 Campaign Manager, and current government Communications Director, Michael Rorke, sent the following two comments to different news outlets:

Michael Rorke’s Comment 

to WLNS-6

January 1, 2024

Michael Rorke’s Comment 

to The Detroit News

January 3, 2024

Despite inaccurate reports circulatingthe transcript clearly shows that Congressman Walberg never endorsed any legislation or law while in Uganda. He did call out the World Bank for repeatedly holding Uganda, a Christian nation, to a different standard than much of the rest of the world. There is an undeniable double standard where 

other nations, like Afghanistan, receive uncriticized support from the World Bank.” 

"Despite inaccurate reports circulating in other outletsthe transcript clearly shows that Congressman Walberg never endorsed any Ugandan legislation or law, and he does not support the criminalization of homosexuality,"

Analysis of Michael Rorke’s Comments:

·      Despite inaccurate reports circulating”: Walberg’s office has no basis to criticize any reports, because they failed to circulate anything to inform constituents even of the existence of that trip. Rorke also refused to ‘entertain’ the following requests for clarity from WLNS-6: If Congressman Walberg was not encouraging Uganda to stand firm on the Anti- Homosexuality Act, what was he encouraging the leaders to stand firm against? and, In his speech, the Congressman says folks need not “necessarily” be on the side of the United States. What other issues can countries ignore U.S. diplomatic policy? To which Rorke replied, “We will not entertain hypotheticals... The body Congressman Walberg actually serves in is currently considering over 8,000 bills, and that leaves plenty of policy to discuss without venturing into the realm of what-ifs and hypotheticals.” Requests for clarity on things Walberg told other world leaders in public, are not ‘what-ifs and hypotheticals’. We also know that Walberg does not prioritize passing bills, because he flew out to Uganda the day after his GOP colleagues ousted the Speaker of the House without a prospective replacement. In his own speech, Walberg repeatedly said that his responsibilities in Congress are not his top priority, we’re, first: Christ-followers; and second: politicians For years, Walberg has told international leaders that his elected duties are low among his priorities (exhibit below).

Congress is a low priority for Walberg from Prayer Breakfasts in Ukraine over the years


·      the transcript clearly shows that”: Rorke never released any transcript. So, ‘the’ authoritative transcript that he cited must be the one that I, the transcriptionist created here. I haven’t found another transcript anywhere.

·      Congressman Walberg never endorsed any [...] legislation or law”: So? Walberg did not dis-endorse any legislation either. Although he did say the World Bank, WHO, UN, and “our administration in America”were all “worthless”, which is a big dis-endorsement.

·      Uganda, a Christian nation”: False. Uganda has never been a Christian nation. While Christian denominations are collectively predominant, Walberg ignored the Muslim member of Parliament, Hajji Mutumba Abdul who recited passages from the Quran to the Prayer Breakfast crowd. Walberg also ignored his ‘close personal’ friend, President Museveni’s speech about the value of ecumenical religious diversity in Uganda, how he got along well with Muslims in his old military troop, and with Hindu citizens during a recent meeting. Another Muslim Parliament member, Asuman Basalirwa authored Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2023. Lots of people in Uganda still practice older traditional religions from before British colonization. Walberg also ignores that the United States, per the Constitution has never been a Christian nation either.

·      Afghanistan, receive uncriticized support from the World Bank”: False for two reasons: 1) Walberg’s speech never mentioned Afghanistan, and his spew about the World Bank wasn’t about their standards for different countries. 2) Five days before Walberg’s speech, Melinda Good, the World Bank Country Director for Afghanistan issued a press release criticizing their oppressive gender policies, “To recover, the country needs to prioritize spending on human capital, basic services and climate resilience and address harmful gender policies.”... “Almost no girls and less than half of the country’s boys are getting a secondary education.” I’m not here to defend The World Bank or terms like ‘human capital’, but the fact is they do criticize Afghanistan often.

·      he does not support the criminalization of homosexuality”: Nuh-uh. Firstly, to ‘not support’ is a weak, passive position. It takes effort to ‘oppose’ something, such as Walberg’s effort to earn perfect zero ratings for the past three consecutive terms in the Human Rights Campaign’s Congressional Scorecards. Secondly, Walberg never expressed any such humane sentiment. Fully the opposite, Walberg told dehumanizing anti-trans jokes, gushed that Ugandan politicians were on the right side of God, and to not give in to global pushback. For which, Walberg was thanked by the Ugandan President for proving there are Americans, “who think like us” about homosexuals. Finally, on the same day Rorke sent those remarks to The Detroit News, Walberg called-in to WSJM’s morning radio show and claimed that Uganda“didn’t criminalize same-sex conduct. And I think it’s because of my advice 13 years ago. I discouraged them doing that.” – Upon hearing my US Congress member say something that deranged, I started to work on this report.


Walberg Denied The Existence of Laws Against Homosexuality in Uganda

Link to WSJM video (54:10 mark) – or see transcript of exchange in Appendix:


The following video call-in to the WSJM morning radio show is the only public record I have found of Walberg directly responding to his 2023 speech in Uganda.

Walberg said we should think professional news coverage of his Uganda trip was, “a lie.”


Then Walberg lied that “no one spoke to any law” at the Ugandan Prayer Breakfast

Walberg glad morning DJs, “had the guts” to ask questions that he ducked from journalists


Walberg: Uganda “didn’t criminalize same-sex conduct... I discouraged them doing that” 

Analysis of Walberg’s Deranged Radio Call-In:

·      So much for, “had the guts to ask...”: It was a public disservice that those hosts neglected to follow-up on any of Walberg’s obvious lies, even with a gentle remark, like: “Pardon, did I hear you say Uganda DIDN’T criminalize same-sex conduct?”

·      Walberg wasn’t even in Congress “13 years ago”: Two Anti-Homosexuality Acts have been signed into law in the past 13 years, in 2014 and 2023, so which one does Walberg want us to believe he discouraged Uganda from? Ugandan courts overturned the 2014 law that same year based on a quorum technicality. The 2023 law is even more severely oppressive. Even with generous wiggle room on the timeline, Walberg’s lie is still implausible. Walberg lost his campaign in 2008 and was out of office by the time David Bahati first introduced the Anti-Homosexuality Act in 2009. Bahati’s connection to the Fellowship Foundation caused a lot of upheaval at the 2010 US National Prayer Breakfast, but Walberg was away from all that trying to get re-elected. Walberg won in 2010, but Congress still didn’t start their next session until January 5, 2011. Ugandan Parliament adjourned in May 2011 without any changes to the Anti-Homosexuality Act, and then that bill wasn’t reintroduced again in Parliament until 2012. So, it’s impossible to even tell what Walberg was trying to lie about with that “13 years ago” thing.

·      Walberg lied that, “no one spoke to any law” at the Prayer Breakfast: Three of the leaders that Walberg flattered by name in his speech: Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal, Janet Museveni, and Yoweri Museveni all supported the Anti-Homosexuality Law explicitly in their own speeches (exhibits & analysis below):


·      Analysis of Ogwal’s speech: Walberg has known Ogwal for about as long as he’s known David Bahati, since about 2007, and in his absurdly flattering estimation she, “comes in second” to God. Ogwal’s speech was violent, dehumanizing, and abhorrent. What sort of person could then casually walk up and pay Ogwal an, ‘aw shucks’ hat tip after listening to that?

·      Analysis of Janet Museveni’s speech: Walberg had his head bowed and eyes closed in prayer during the First Lady’s speech, and still lied about what was said to all of us afterward.

·      Analysis of Yoweri Museveni’s speech: More than anything, this fully voids Walberg’s denials about supporting Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Laws. To have the President of Uganda publicly thank Walberg from the national stage as an American, “who think like us” “about homosexuals”How else can Walberg explain that the dictator to whom he described, “I have a close personal relationship with”would say that about him, if it wasn’t true? Furthermore, according to the Itinerary attached to House travel disclosure, Walberg and Museveni had an hour-long one-on-one meeting on October 7th, the evening before the Prayer Breakfast. So, Museveni and Walberg fully understood one another. Museveni wasn’t just tossing out some random assumption, or suddenly decided to lie about Walberg in the middle of his speech. Walberg never expressed any surprise or objection to what Museveni said about him either.


·      Walberg has never “discouraged them having a callout any homosexual activity under penalty of law” in America: So, why would Uganda be any different? Walberg’s entire career has been trying to use the law as a weapon to oppress LGBTQ people. There was a chillingly revealing moment from a local Republican primary debate in 2010, during rapid fire questioning where in the span of seconds Walberg declared that he was: anti-same-sex marriage, pro-life, and pro-death penalty (video source in appendix). Does Walberg think those set of values are inconsistent with Uganda’s “kill the gays law”? As a candidate in 2004, Walberg testified at a committee hearing in Lansing to support a state constitutional amendment to outlaw the homosexual-activity of marriage. Around the same time, Walberg signed, “The Marriage Protection Pledge” by the hate group, Family Research Council (per SPLC). It included the commitment to also outlaw any legal benefit or status to any couples regardless of sex from entering into a, “civil union, domestic partnership, or other similar relationship” to narrow everyone’s relationships into Walberg’s fascistic little worldview. Yet, that pledge stayed deferential to states to decide how much incest or age restrictions would be included in their “inviolable definition of marriage” (exhibits below):

How many voters feel like they need Congress to defend them against Janet Jackson


Tim Walberg pledged to outlaw all civil unions and domestic partnerships in the world

 “On the issue of tourism, Walberg said Uganda is sitting on a gold mine”


Walberg does not carry so much political sway that, “because of my advice... I’ve had some impact” to influence lawmaking in other legislative chambers on other continents. There are a lot of remaining questions to explore though about Walberg’s secret trips and meetings with political leaders around the world, and why he never posts anything about those activities for the public.


On July 15, 2021, Walberg called in via video to a House Committee Hearing from Uganda:

Walberg [four weeks after this]: “Virginia Foxx did that, and I’m disappointed she did it,”


When Walberg returned, he called into a WKHM radio show and said that he had met with several of the highest political leaders in Uganda, which was, “a good opportunity during that two week period to meet with some of those as well, and do some – do some political work.”:

Walberg said two-week Uganda trip was, “a good opportunity” to, “do some political work”


Two and a half weeks after that radio call-in, I learned from a 3rd-hand source about one of Walberg’s invitation-only town halls organized near my house in Monroe County. While the event was fully organized with public resources, it was never announced publicly beforehand. Instead, Walberg’s office used government resources to pay Republican campaign vendors, Jamestown Associates and Advantage Inc to only mail invitations and robocalls to likely Republican supporters.


Inside the venue, Walberg displayed signs behind himself saying, “A COUNTRY IN CRISIS” and “TAXATION IS INFLATION”. He opened with a ten-minute rant comparing January 6th to “BLM riots”. An attendee wearing medical scrubs expressed fear to Walberg that vaccine mandates would cause a, “civil war within five years”because, “we’re being Socialistically told that we’re gonna lose our jobs if we don’t get it!” More questions ranged from, “illegals” to, “the Marxist takeover”. Near the end of the event, Walberg advised, “we’re gonna have to fight for it. And yes, the word is fight. The word truly is fight. And we can’t get locked up in individual concerns at the expense of doing the larger good of pulling back control from the Federal Government.” I asked for clarification, “What do you mean by fight?” Which provoked heckling towards me from other attendees to, “Shut up.” Instead of clarifying, Walberg replied, “Go to the dictionary, Steven.” So, that establishes context for the following scene in which I asked Walberg about his ‘political work’ in Uganda (See Appendix for link to raw video and transcript of these exchanges):

Walberg denied his own earlier statement of having done “political work” in Uganda


Walberg was “disappointed” his Republican colleague, Foxx announced he was in Uganda


Walberg suggested when Michiganders say, “Uganda” it would provoke terrorism


Walberg scolded me when I said I wasn’t interested in hearing about his family


Walberg struggled to deny having talked about tourism business while in Uganda


“political work” was Walberg’s own term - I wasn’t trying to trip him up. In that moment, Walberg had been a politician for 28.5 years, starting back in 1983. I think Walberg decided in that moment that it would have been worse for him to clarify the nature of his meetings with Uganda’s highest political leaders, than it was for him to deflect by telling his political electorate that he confused himself over the meaning of ‘political work’.


If it’s not already clear enough, my research and writing has only ever been about things my political representatives have said and done on the public record. Contrary to Walberg’s accusation that: “terrorists in Africa that could find out, just like you - find out where my family lives” – I do not know, and I do not want to know where Walberg’s family lives. They deserve respect for their right to privacy and security. The public record though undermines Walberg’s accusation in his own words over the span of a decade from national public stages, on video, where he has routinely blabbed the name of where his family presumably lives (exhibit below):


Samples of a decade of Walberg telling the public on video where his family lives in Uganda


The tourism website that I cited in my questions to Walberg was The Tourism Institute of East Africa, which still to this day predominantly features photos and articles of Walberg from a 2015 event to hand out certificates to students, and to deliver a key note address advising the students to, “venture into private enterprise... develop better and more hospitable tour agencies... approach unique cultural leaders and sell to them the idea of cultural tourism. Then Walberg was gifted a framed, “Certificate of Appreciation” from the director of the institute. These were clearly planned engagements.


Walberg presented himself at those events in his full Congressional capacity: House member pin on his lapel the whole time, being addressed as “US Congressman”, “US envoy”, in conjunction with our District in Michigan that he was ostensibly representing. However, during that Ugandan trip, Walberg skipped three House Committee Hearings, two House Roll Call Votes, never posted anything about the trip to any House Committees, the House Ethics Committee, or to any of us constituents in Michigan (exhibits below):

2024 Tourism Institute of East Africa front page still prominently features Walberg’s 2015 visit


Skipping House duties Walberg was gifted “Certificate of Appreciation” from Tourism Institute


Walberg wore House Member Pin while handing certificates to Ugandan tourism students


On September 7, during that same trip, Walberg, his spouse, and Son-in-Law all met with President Museveni, at the State House in Nakasero, Kampala, Uganda (photo used in title image of this report). The next day, September 8, Walberg met in the offices of the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, where he said, as I’ve previously reported, “I apologize on behalf of the people of the United States for the pressure on African countries to adopt the Maputo Protocol on Family Planning” (AKA Human Rights). Now I know that in addition to apologizing on behalf of the United States, Walberg hustled the tourism industry to the Speaker, saying, Uganda is sitting on a gold mine for the tourism business (exhibit below):

Walberg skipped House vote this day to hustle tourism to Ugandan Speaker, “a gold mine”


As I previously reported, Walberg’s Son-in-Law and daughter own a Uganda tourism business, which was originally named, “Trinity Tours & Travel” featuring a wine glass in the logo and the tagline, “ensuring pleasure at your leisure”. In early 2016 the company rebranded as “Red Road Tours, LLC” with a new emphasis on all the things Walberg had hustled for: “cultural tourism” and educational tourism. The Red Road Tours website heavily featured photos of American college students on tours wearing Spring Arbor University t-shirts. That university is in Jackson County Michigan, 8 miles from Walberg’s district office.


In 2018, Red Road Tours, LLC licensed their business in the State of Michigan from Walberg’s home address, with his spouse as its resident agent. The license has been renewed each year, but never included in Walberg’s annual House financial disclosures (exhibit below).

This private Ugandan tour business is based out of Walberg’s home address in Michigan


It is a dizzying and exhausting effort to untangle the mess of Walberg’s conflicting denials and cover ups to find any glimmering threads of truth. A thread that ran most boldly through his 2023 Prayer Breakfast speech was Walberg’s anti-American sentiments. Tim Walberg is anti-American, which remains consistently evident in Walberg’s contempt towards questions from the American free press, and in the message he delivered to the invitees of his town hall to, “fight” for, “the larger good of pulling back control from the Federal Government”. We saw how in 2004 Walberg pledged to defend against American citizens like Janet Jackson or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, “pulling back control”. Walberg would take away Janet Jackson’s vote if he could.


So, Tim Walberg’s “political work” is selfish. Walberg’s selfishness is limiting and diminishes his influence. That is why Walberg hides, while still trying to exploit whatever limited influence he has from our Congressional office to stuff his own pockets for as long as he can.


Steven Meyer

Monroe, MI

January 31, 2024

Link to printable PDF of this report:



November 6, 2003 – Family Research Council “Marriage Protection Pledge” (Tim Walberg Signed) – Web capture via Archive.Org


February 24, 2004 – Tim Walberg Campaign Press Release: “In an Age of Monicagate, Janet Jackson, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Tim Walberg Defends ‘One Man, One Woman Marriage’” – Web capture via Archive.Org


June 21, 2007 - House of Representatives – Washington, DC – C-SPAN (Video 3:46:45 mark)!


Walberg: “The AIDS epidemic in Africa is a serious problem that demands serious results. However, I also had the privilege of seeing firsthand the success of Uganda's ABC program when I traveled to Uganda a couple of years ago to visit my daughter who's a missionary there and also a health educator dealing specifically with HIV/AIDS. Also, meeting with who has now become adopted into our family, Mama Nabali, who is a young woman with three children who has HIV as a result of behavior issues related specifically to a husband who was unfaithful in many, many ways.”


June 30, 2010 – Campaign Meet and Greet – Jackson, MI (Video 3:00 mark)


Walberg: “We gotta realize we’re in competition with China and India. My daughter lives in Kampala, Uganda. You can chew the air there. It’s a Third World Country. They’re not gonna abide by our standards.”


July 8, 2010 – Lenawee 9/12 Group: GOP Candidate Primary Debate – Christian Family Center in Adrian, MI (Video – 1:15 mark)


[Segment of four Rapid Fire questions for candidates]


Moderator: “Question number one: Do you support legislation permitting same-sex marriage?”


Marvin Carlson: “No.”


Moderator: “Mr. Walberg?”


Tim Walberg: “No.”


Moderator: “Mr. Rooney?”


Brian Rooney: “No.”


Moderator: “Question number two: Are you pro-life?”


Carlson: “Yes.”


Walberg: “Yes.”


Rooney: “Yes.”


Moderator: “Question number three: Would you consider pro-choice alternatives in certain situations?”


Carlson: “No.”


Walberg: “No.”


Rooney: “No.”


Moderator: “Question number four: Do you support the death penalty for capital crime?”


Carlson: “I do.”


Walberg: “Yes.”


Rooney: “Yes.”


Moderator: “Thank you, gentlemen!” [Room applauded enthusiastically. End of rapid fire questions]


July 9, 2010 – Campaign Meet and Greet - Grass Lake, MI (Video 0:30 mark)


Walberg: “You know, I visit my daughter in Kampala, Uganda, and I spend for lunch two-hundred, fifty-thousand – um, Ugandan. Two-Hundred and Fifty-Thousand! That sounds like a lot of money, because it’s such an inflated rate that - And my daughter buys a – uh, she buys a couch for – I’m trying to recollect how many million Ugandan that was. That looks like – That looks like a lot of money!”


September 2010 – Harper’s Magazine Article by Jeff Sharlet, “Straight Man’s Burden: The American roots of Uganda’s anti-gay persecutions” (Article comprised of several meetings and interviews with David Bahati about the origins of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, and his relationship with The Fellowship Foundation)


November 4, 2014 – Election Night – Jackson, MI – (Video: 1:00 mark)


Walberg: “I’d ask my daughter, Heidi who’s here all the way from Africa - No Ebola folks, no Ebola! Where’s my Son-in-Law?!” Prince! Come on. My daughter found her Prince.”


September 7, 2015 – Uganda High Commission in South Africa Facebook Page – Source photo for title image of Walberg meeting with Yoweri Museveni


May 26, 2017 – Coffee Hour - Coldwater, MI - (Video 37:45 mark)


Walberg: “The quality is unbelievable that we have here, but the cost is the problem. The only better way is getting back to an actual cash-pay where I can negotiate with my health care provider. I experienced that in Uganda a few weeks back, with having a dentist put back a crown that I had pulled out doing what I should do, flossing. I thought: Oh boy. Here I am in Kampala, Uganda. What’s this gonna mean? I can’t live with this crown off. My daughter’s a dental hygienist. She said: Dad, I’ll call this guy, this good dentist here in Kampala. Got me in. Within five minutes of getting to the dental office. 20 minutes he had it all polished up, glued back on, same type of chair setup I would’a had in the United States. Got back out to the reception desk, waited for my pay slip there, looked at it: 38 bucks. Paid cash. That’s the only thing you can pay from anybody. That’s difficult for Ugandans, cause there’s a lot of poverty in Uganda. But America, bit of a different story. While there’s a social safety net still needed for those who truly couldn’t pay. If we could get back to that, that would be great.”


September 14, 2015 – New Vision Article (print): “Use your skills to start better private tourism enterprises – says US envoy” Photo Source, Twitter: @TourismInstEA


September 16, 2015 – New Vision Article (online featuring photo of Walberg receiving a Certificate of Appreciation): “Address skills gap in the tourism sector, says expert” -


September 2015 to Present - Tourism Institute of East Africa, which has featured Walberg on the front page for the past 8.5 years


April 22, 2020 – TakeCareTim article: “A Tour of Walberg’s Financial Ethics Conflicts” (My report about Walberg brokering meetings and partnerships with his campaign donors and Ugandan officials for the benefit of his family’s Ugandan tourism business)


June 28, 2020 – “Walberg’s Speeches in Ukraine” – My video report featuring 3 of Walberg’s Prayer Breakfast Speeches in Ukraine from 2015 & 2019 -


July 15, 2021 – House Committee on Education and Labor (Virtual Hearing – Video: 05:14:10 mark)


Ranking Member, Virginia Foxx [(R) NC-05]: “Mr. Chairman, while the clerk is counting, I’d like to point out that – Uh, Mr. Walberg is on the call today from Uganda, where he’s visiting his – Um, family and meeting his third grandchild who lives there.”


Chair, Robert (Bobby) Scott [(D) VA-03]: “Woo!”


Foxx: “Uh, and so – Uh, he gets a prize for being on the call, and on the video from the farthest distance. I’m not sure we’ll have anybody – Uh, compete with that any time soon.”


Suzanne Bonamici [(D) OR-01]: “Congratulations, Tim on the new grandchild.”


Scott [smiling]: “All right!”


Rick Allen [(R) GA-12]: “Tim, what time is it there?”


Walberg: “It’s – Uh, just past midnight. Five after midnight.”


Allen: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”


Scott: “And – Uh, Dr. Foxx, we have a regular, Mr. Sablan – Uh, may actually be further away, I’m not sure.” 


[FACT CHECK: Shortest distance from Northern Mariana to DC = Approx. 7,800 miles; Shortest distance from Kampala, Uganda to DC = Approx. 7,250 miles]


Foxx: “Oh, yeah. Well, if he’s in – I can’t tell from his backdrop where he is. If he’s in the Northern Marianas, or what. But I’m impressed that Mr. Walberg can get the connection from there. When – Uh, and I’m not pa– Casting any stones. Happens to me too, when some of the rest of us can’t get it from here. So -Uh.”


Jahana Hayes [(D) CT-05]: “It’s a good thing we have this remote option, so that you can do both. You can still join us, and be there for your grandchild.”


Gregorio Kilili Comacho Sablan [(D) Northern Mariana Islands’ - at-large]: “Yeah. Congratulations, T-” [interruption]


Walberg: “Well, I’d still rather be in Washington doing it the normal way.”


Greg Murphy [(R) NC-03]: “Yeah!”


Walberg: “If I’m not with my grandchild.”


Scott: “Clerk will report.”


July 23, 2021 – WKHM (Jackson, MI) – (audio)


Greg O’Connor [host]: “Welcome back Congressman, Tim Walberg. Been in – I think you’ve been in airplanes the past few weeks.”


Walberg: “Yeah, we have been. It’s great to be back. Ya’ know, it’s good to go where you need to go, and I had the opportunity to go visit my newest granddaughter who lives uh, – who was born in Africa, and lives with my daughter and son-in-law and two other granddaughters. So, I had a chance for two weeks to – to be with them, and that’s a great experience - any grandfather or – father or grandparent listening right now knows – knows the joy of being with grandkids, and that’s the seventh one that god has blessed me with.”


“But, uh, – it was good to be there. I had a opportunity to, as I always meet with the President of that Country in Africa [Yoweri Museveni], a number of Parliamentarians, and Attorney General [Kiryowa Kiwanuka], and Secretary of Education [Janet Museveni], etcetera. Had a good opportunity during that two week period to meet with some of those as well, and do some – do some political work.”


“Um, yet to come home was great. 27 hours of travel time with a mask on left me with a chapped face – heh! heh! - from all the, all of the carbon dioxide, and uh – and uh, all of the wetness inside of a mask for that amount of time, but uh - ”


O’Connor: But you’re alive.


Walberg: “Good trip, but we’re still home, yeah.”


O’Connor: “You’re alive, yeah. How was the weather?” [some cross talk]


Walberg: “I’m just-”


O’Connor: “It sounds warm.”


Walberg: “No, it’s – this particular country, and – you know I’m - I say that because of security issues. I wanna make sure that my kids are – are protected. There’s some bad actors around the world, and – and uh, so I – I’m not trying to be strange about it, but uh – in that – in that particular country, uh, if you know what San Diego is like, uh, with good weather, moderate temperatures and all of that. That’s – that’s how this is. 


O’Connor: “Wow.”


Walberg: “It’s beautiful, sun, low humidity, um, I wasn’t – I wasn’t - I think the highest we got was 82 degrees. Um, generally stays right there in the mid 70’s - high 70’s. So it was nice – nice environment, uh, that I was in.” 


August 10, 2021 – Invitation-Only Coffee Hour - Newport, MI - Video recorded by me, the only person in the room wearing a mask. I heard about this event third-hand. It was organized with public resources, but never publicly announced beforehand by Walberg’s office. Invitations and robocalls were sent only to likely supporters using Republican campaign vendors (Advantage Inc. and Jamestown Associates), paid for with government funds. (Video: 0:14:40 mark)


Me: “Um, can you tell us about the political work that you did on your two-week trip to Uganda last month, and why you never posted anything publicly about that?”


Walberg: “Um, I misstated in the statement I made, I think on the radio. Um, political work wasn’t what I did. I talked politics. I met with the President, and I’d like to not mention the country’s name.”


Me: “I mentioned it already in my question. It was Uganda.”


Walberg: “I wish you wouldn’t do that, and I’d ask you to understand. Here’s why: I have a family living in that country, granddaughters, son-in-law, and daughter. My life is always challenged. I have threats on my life. I have threats on my house. There are terrorists all around this world, and there are terrorists in Africa that could find out, just like you - find out where my family lives, and so I was disappointed in my colleague who made a statement on C-Span in a committee hearing that I was attending virtually while I was in Africa. I’ve said Africa.”


Me: “That was Virginia Foxx.”


Walberg: “Virginia Foxx did that, and I’m disappointed she did it, cause I would’a never said the name of the country. So, I’m asking you, if there’s any goodness and humanity in you, that you would not broadcast any further the name of the country, cause I do not want a terrorist firebombing or kidnapping my granddaughters just because I’m an American Congressman.”


Me: “So, what were you – [Interruption]


Walberg: “So, let me tell you! I had to do that so you wouldn’t go any further on that.”


Me: “I’m gonna go further on that.”


Walberg: “Oh, I know you are. We’ll only go so far.”


Heckler towards me: “Well, where’s common sense fall into play?”


Walberg: “Well, let me answer your question, Steve [Walberg filibustered for more than two minutes without getting anywhere near answering my question]. Any time I’m over in that country. If I have an opportunity to meet with Parliamentarians who I have a number of friends in Parliament there. I have a close personal relationship with the President, and if he has time to meet with me, we meet and we talk as friends.” And we talk about government issues. We talk about politics in the United States, what’s happening here. Uh, I’m not gonna tell you our exact conversation, that’s personal, but you can assume that I’m political. I work in government. He’s political, he works in government. We’re gonna talk about that. We’re also gonna talk about my grandkids. I’m gonna talk about his grandkids. I’m gonna talk about his farm, his ranch, any more cows that he has. Um, those type of things. And we’re gonna talk about infrastructure in that country. We’re gonna talk about – potentially about America doing some trade with that country. Uh, we’re gonna talk about COVID! We’re gonna talk about vaccines. All of those things COULD BE part of our conversation. That came as a result of me having a long time relationship because I have family that live there, and I’ve developed over time friendships within Parliament, and including the President’s office. That’s what it was! I was over there to see a brand new baby girl, my third granddaughter born over there, to reacquaint with my wife who had been there already four weeks, and spend time two weeks during our July 4th recess. The last day of those two weeks, having spent time with my two granddaughters that are my best buddies, and meeting my newest granddaughter, building a bunch of racks for their storage department – uh, compartments, putting some shelving in – in, in their closets.”


Me: “I’m really not interested in any of your family stuff.”


Walberg [gestured hand out, as if to literally push me back]: “No, no, no! You’re going to hear what I’m going to say about that event, because you’re trying to put – cast aspersion on it, when in fact it was just a trip to be with family during those two weeks!”


Me: “So, did you also talk about the tourism – [interruption].”


Heckler in back: “Can’t you shut up!”


Walberg: “No. No. Let’s – let’s – let him finish. He’s making my point.”


Heckler in back: “Oh, come on.”


Me: “Did you also talk about the tourism business, and your family’s tourism business while you were there?”


Walberg: [Looked upward and paused silently for 5 seconds] “Uuuhmm [Sharp exhale].” 


Me: “You’re featured all over the East Africa Tourism industry website, on their front page.”


Walberg: “Oh, he’s a good – Yeah, right now, my son-in-law – My son-in-law is a travel and safari – [interruption].”


Me: “You’re featured! I’m talking about you! You’re featured all over the front page of the East Africa Tourism industry website.”


Walberg: “Ah. I didn’t know that. Well, that’s pretty special.”


Me: “So, did you talk about the tourism industry while you were there in Uganda?”


Walberg: “I don’t remember talking about it with the President. I talk about my Son-in-Law.”


Heckler in back: “So, what if he did talk about it?! What’s your point?”


Walberg: “And if you – [interruption]


Heckler wearing medical scrubs: “I’m gonna lose my job if I don’t get a COVID vaccine next month! And you wanna talk about him seeing his grandson. Who cares? Let’s talk about priorities!”


Walberg [pointing at me]: “This is Steven! Steven spends his life researching everything about my life, every word that I state. He gets a transcript of every single interview that he can find on radio that I’ve done. That’s what he does. But, let me – let me answer it this way – [interruption]


Another Heckler: “Hold on a second! Steve, are you a member of this community?! Are you in Monroe County?”


Me: “Yeah!”


Walberg: “He’s Monroe.”


Me: “I live 15 minutes away.”


Walberg: “Yeah. He’s Monroe County.”


Different Heckler: “Can we have some questions here?”


Walberg: “Let me finish it with this: I didn’t talk about tourism. Next question!”


[Later - 1:00:25 mark]


Walberg: “Now we come to a pandemic. That in the past we went through – We went through pandemics, and we never locked down, or put personal mandates on our people like we’re doing now. We’re in a dangerous situation folks. We need to stand together, link arms as Americans believing that our country is still the greatest – greatest gift to the world that’s been ever given. But we’re gonna have to fight for it. And yes, the word is fight. The word truly is fight. And we can’t get locked up in individual concerns at the expense of doing the larger good of pulling back control from the Federal Government.”


Me: “What do you mean by fight?”


Heckler: “Steven, take a break. Shut up.”


Me: “Really.”


Other Hecklers: “Shut up.” [Din of other overlapping heckles towards me]


Me: “Don’t answer that then.”


Walberg: “Go to the dictionary, Steven. You can do that.”


Me: “Like physical violence?” [Din of more heckles, and Walberg did not reply with any clarification]


Me: “What do you mean by fight?” - Walberg: “Go to the dictionary, Steven.”


October 14, 2022 – The Human Rights Campaign Congressional Scorecard (117th Session, also includes comparison scores for the 116th, and 115th. The scores are based on 21 House bills most important to the advancement of Human Rights. Walberg scored zero in each of the past 3 House sessions.)


October 3, 2023 – The World Bank Press Release: “Afghanistan’s Contracted Economy Faces Uncertainty, Afghan Families Are Struggling” -


October 8, 2023 – UBC Television Uganda, Live Broadcast of National Prayer Breakfast – (video)


34:00 mark - David Bahati, Member of Parliament, and Event Chair: “When I invited Tim, our right honorable speaker, Congressman, one of the things I asked him when you say that I should keep in touch with him, I said: Are you comfortable keeping in touch with me? Because of the trouble we have been going through. He said: Don’t worry, we are on the right side of God.”


2:02:45 mark - Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal, Member of Parliament: “First and foremost, what is hurting each and every one of us born and reared in Africa. There is a force from the bottom of Hell attacking familyhood in our society, that is actually attacking the very core of God’s creation. God created – created whatever he created, and he said, ‘Go ye and multiply’. So, the moment you attack the very core of creation, you are attacking God. And that is this force which is called LGBTQ [smattering of applause], the homosexuality forces. That is not just the mindset of developed countries against us, that is the force from Hell. And the Bible tells us we are not fighting human beings. We are not fighting flesh and blood. We are not fighting Europeans. We are not fighting Americans. We are fighting the forces of Hell! [large sustained applause, whistles, and cheers from audience]


2:06:35 mark – Ogwal [requested everyone in the audience stand up as she closed her eyes tightly in prayer with periodic sounds of affirmation from audience]: “And we decree and declare that the power of God must take charge at this alter! Father, my God, today there are forces of LGBTQ coming against Africa, attacking familyhood, and creating things unimaginable, the transgender, the gay, lesbians, and all sorts of evil practices! Father, today we decree at this national alter that this power will not invade Uganda! We uproot them! We tear them down, and we destroy them, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Father, my God, the law is the law, but you are a God above the law! Father, today we are going to ask you to stand against those forces! They may be too big for us, but they cannot be too God – too big for our God! And father, today we pray, whatever weapon is being sharpened against Uganda because of our stand hearing the voice of God, and accepting to make a law to protect familyhood, Father my God, today I decree and declare that any evil weapon against Uganda will not stand!”


3:55:15 mark – First Lady, Janet Museveni [Led crowd in prayer with eyes closed and heads bowed, including Walberg]: “We thank you Lord for the bold and decisive leadership of our President who has led us with a fearless mantle over the years, and we appreciate his steady leadership, especially in times of trial. This year, Uganda made news around the world for our bold decision to stand for the righteousness and the protection of the traditional family and children. Here again, you used our President to withstand immense pressure levied on him by global forces. To ensure that we cast our vote with you our father and our god, we believe that the decision that was made this year to pass the anti-homosexual bill – homosexuality bill has secured our place as a chief nation among the nations of the world. We thank you Lord for this, and we trust that you will help us to take the necessary steps to become strong and completely independent economically, so that we can never again be held hostage to these evil forces.”


4:21:10 mark - President, Yoweri Museveni: “I want to thank the Congressman from Michigan because you have seen that we have got the west - the Western people you see here are not the only ones, there are others also, the ones who come to tell you about homosexuals, about what – about abortion, you now know that there are other Americans, other Western people who think like us. So, you have seen. [applause from crowd] So, I want to thank them for what they contributed.” 


October 14, 2023 – TakeCareTim Article: “HOMOPHOBE and Abroad: Walberg’s Speech in Uganda -


October 20, 2023 – House Committee On Ethics, Gift Travel Disclosures for Walberg’s Trip to Uganda -


December 20, 2023 – TYT Article: “U.S. Prayer Breakfast Co-Chair Defends Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Law”


January 1, 2024 – Article (video): WLNS-6 “Walberg’s Uganda speech continues to receive pushback — Why it matters” - Featuring Comments from Michael Rorke and list of questions Rorke refused to answer -


January 3, 2024 – WSJM (Benton Harbor, MI) – The Morning Show with Jonny and Ken (Video – 54:10 mark)


Ken Lundberg [Host]: “One of the things that we wanted to ask you about this morning was a speech that you made during a National Prayer Breakfast in Uganda. There’s been some stories coming out – uh, I think they started in December that we’re still seeing a couple of them today. The Hill, which is a Capitol publication in Washington, DC said your October remarks – um, said you were telling Ugandan leaders to ‘stand firm’ in the face of international outrage over the passage of a law criminalizing same-sex conduct, including the potential death penalty for individuals convicted of aggravated homosexuality. What should we think about that story?”


Walberg: “It’s a lie. That’s – heh, my basic answer. If you go to the video of my presentation, you see I was asked as the former chairman of the National Prayer Breakfast – co-chairman of the National Prayer Breakfast in The United States – uh, to come, and give a speech to the Ugandan National Prayer Breakfast. That was my purpose. I was given a theme to speak on. I didn’t go there to speak on any laws, any legislation, other than speaking on what they asked me speak on from Jeremiah, the 15thChapter with the theme of: Fear Not, Repent, and Serve The Lord - and that’s exactly what I did.”


“I came as the National Prayer Breakfast movement, the International Prayer Breakfast movement comes always in the spirit of Jesus to draw people together, not cause disunity. That’s what I did. I did not speak to any issues. I spoke to the fact they need to stand according to God’s word. If God’s word says it, then stick to it. Others around the world, including the United Nations, The World Health Organization, maybe even The United States and this administration will oppose you for various reasons, but if God says it, then stand with it. I did not speak to any law. Uh, and in fact, no one spoke to any law out of any of the speakers that day in front of Ugandan Parliamentary individuals, as well as various people from all over Africa and Europe, and The United States.”


“So, this is being put forward by a group that has been against the National and International Prayer Breakfast movement for years. This was an opportunity they thought they could use and they’re attempting to use it, and their lies are being carried forward by some in the media, and I’m glad you had the guts to ask me about what the truth was. And if anybody wants to look, they can go back and see my exact words and statements: no mention of any law, no mention of anything relative to that law and its impact on any group in society, or around the world.”


Lundberg: “I did – uh, I did watch your remarks, thank you for making certain that we did have the video on that. The – and I did think that it was funny that you wanted to be a Yellow Labrador Retriever.”


Walberg: “Hm – hm – hm – hm [smiled and chuckled].”


Lundberg: “Heh – At one point. But, how do you feel about that law itself? If you were to advise Uganda on their – their law criminalizing same sex conduct, what would you advise them to do?”


Walberg: “They didn’t criminalize same-sex conduct. And I think it’s because of my advice 13 years ago. I discouraged them doing that. I discouraged them having a callout any homosexual activity under penalty of law. So, no. I think I’ve had some impact there. I’m not a Ugandan Parliamentarian. Um, I was not called to speak on that, but the world needs to know that they have not criminalized the homosexual life-size – uh, lifestyle.”


Lundberg: “Hm. Well, we appreciate you speaking to that. And we’ve seen your statements in the media just telling folks that there’s a lot of misinformation out there, and there’s some political partisan agenda behind that. So, thank you for giving us the information.”


January 3, 2024 – The Detroit News: “Michigan congressman faces backlash for urging Ugandan leaders to ‘stand firm’” (online article behind subscriber-only paywall - January 4, 2024 – Print Edition, photo by me)