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Quickie: Walberg's 13-Year-Long Flip-Flop

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This is a quick follow-up to my report from 2020 about Walberg shifting positions towards the 2008 emergency rescue of the US auto industry. Walberg flew out to DC for the whole week of that special congressional session, but then skipped out on the votes. Walberg’s office sent an excuse to the press for missing that important vote, then retracted that excuse, then made a different excuse for it in 2010. Likewise, Walberg’s positions towards the auto rescue had shifted from supportive to refusing to answer any questions about it. 


During my research on that original report, I expected to find an example of Walberg expressing total opposition towards the auto rescue. I couldn’t find an example at the time. Then in August 2021, at one of Walberg’s invitation-only town halls, unprompted by anything related, Walberg blurted out: “I didn’t support the bailout of General Motors”


Of course, it struck me when Walberg said it, but I didn’t respond to it in the moment. I was just a constituent in an oppressively ignorant room, receiving waves of maskless heckles towards every other polite question for clarity that I tried to raise. There was an overabundance of moments like this, so this was just one of many I had to let go.


I think it would have become national headline news in 2008, for Walberg to have been the one Congress member from Michigan to explicitly oppose the Auto Rescue. I still think it was a big deal in 2021, and still now. In a congressional district that has increasingly become a news desert with less local public accountability, Walberg felt safe to let such flip-flops freely fly. He was too cowardly to say such a thing to reporters in 2008, and too cowardly to even take a voting position on this bill in 2008, or voice any public opinion about it in the years since. Here we are now, where cowardice favors a news desert.

Walberg’s 13-Year-Long Flip-Flop on the 2008 Auto Rescue

2008: Week of the Vote – After Walberg Lost Re-Election

December 10 - House Vote (H.R. 7321)

 – Special Session for the Auto Rescue Bill

Walberg was in DC for entire week, but Absent from Vote on Auto Rescue Bill

December 12

– Statement to MLive (Jackson)

Claimed would have voted “Aye” on Auto Rescue without any qualifying adverbs

December 12

– Statement to Jackson Citizen Patriot

Claimed would have “reluctantly” voted “Aye” on Auto Rescue

December 17

– Statement to Ann Arbor News

Claimed would have “reluctantly” voted “Aye” on Auto Rescue

2010: Campaign During “Tea Party” Wave

October 11

– Campaign Meet & Greet – Adrian, MI

Refused to answer “on conjecture” about his position on Auto Rescue

October 13

– Campaign Debate – Charlotte, MI

Refused repeated requests to answer moderator’s question about position on Auto Rescue, then passively allowed moderator to infer that Walberg would have voted no.

November 2, (2012)

– MLive (Jackson)

Refused to answer candidate questionnaire in newspaper about Auto Rescue. Reporter noted Walberg’s flip-flop from 2008, and explained how vote was, “a dilemma for Walberg”

2021: The News Desert Era - 100% Flip-Flop from 2008

August 10

– Invitation-only Town Hall - Newport, MI

Walberg blurted out: “I didn’t support the bailout of General Motors”

Links to sources for all those examples from 2008-2012 in original report


August 10, 2021 – Invitation-Only Town Hall - Newport, MI

Video (22:30 mark):


Walberg: I don’t think that you should have to take a vaccine. I will oppose any mandatory vaccination requirement. In the private sector though, General Motors or a hospital, if they are a private entity, if we believe in what America is set upon, private industry can do things – [interruption]


Heckler: “But they’re taking government money!”


Walberg: “-and make requirements.”


Heckler: “They’re not private industries. They’re gettin’ government money.”


Walberg: “Um. Sadly, a lot of them are getting government money.”


Heckler: “So, then you can’t call them private industries.”


Walberg: “Well, they are. They are by definition a private industry. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler is.”


Heckler: “So, then the goverment will say we’re gonna cut off the money to them.”


Walberg: “Yeah! And they ought to! They ought to. I didn’t support the bailout of General Motors, for instance. But the key is, I don’t think you can have an entity, like the government mandating that for its people, for its Federal employees. I think that’s absolutely un-American, what they’re doing. I will oppose that in every case.”

Imagine if Walberg said this in 2008: “I didn’t support the bailout of General Motors”

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Ten Worsts of Tim Walberg


Link to Printable PDF of One-Sheet:

Link to Printable PDF of Expanded Report:


This is a quick catch up of my years of research into our local Congressional problem. This report includes a brief one-page summary, and the expanded report provides all the sources and many more examples to support the ten points from the summary sheet. The expanded report follows those points in the same order as the one-sheet summary.


1. Walberg: “I don’t support democracy.”

·      May 4, 2021 – Invitation-only town hall - Temperance, MI - Video:


When a constituent asked why Walberg does not publicly announce his town halls, Walberg replied, “I don’t support Democracy.”


My report on that event:


On Trump’s behalf spread doubt about election results before 2020 election

·      October 28, 2020 – Walberg campaign email, Subject Line: “Worried about election integrity?”– The body of that email contained a link to a Google Form for the Trump campaign to volunteer for, “Poll Challenging”. The email was signed, “Thank you, Tim”. 


According to the Michigan Bureau of Elections: “candidates, candidate committees, or any other types of organizations expressly formed to support or oppose candidates are not authorized to appoint challengers.”


That shows how even before the election happened, Walberg acted on Trump’s behalf to prepare people to doubt the upcoming the election results, and defy election laws while doing so (Exhibits below):


Campaign email from Walberg linked to “Poll Challenger” Google Form by Trump’s Campaign

Trump Campaign form includes sign up for Poll Challenging in defiance of MI Election Laws


·      November 7, 2020 (3:22 PM) – Walberg campaign email, Subject Line: “County Canvassing Info” – On the same day that every major news outlet had determined by 11:30 AM that Biden was the winner of the 2020 election, 4 hours later Walberg’s campaign sent out an email, with a link to a Google Form for the Trump Campaign, “Trump Victory County Canvass Sign Up”. The email was signed, “Tim Walberg” below a grinning photo of himself from 2014. Walberg acted on Trump’s behalf to push the public into not accepting the election results (exhibit below):


Right after election was determined, Walberg messaged supporters to help, “Trump Victory”


1a) Pressured MI-GOP State Legislature to overturn 2020 election

·      Thursday, November 12, 2020  – Exhibit Source: GPO document of email released by Jan 6 House Select Committee:


Walberg emailed the White House that Republican Michigan State Legislators: Lee Chatfield, Mike Shirkey, and Walberg’s former staffer, Aric Nesbitt were willing to, “report back” to Trump about what they were doing, and, “subpoena of key state elections administration, and receiving any suggestions from President Trump”.


Email from Walberg to White House about pushing GOP State Legislators to overturn election


1b) Brokered meeting with them [MI GOP State Legislature] and Trump at the White House

·      November 20, 2020 – November 20, 2020 – Delaney in the Morning (Radio Call-in Audio):


Walberg said he would like Trump to “force a victory for himself”. Over several phone calls with Trump, Walberg brokered the meeting at The White House with the State Republican Legislative Leaders. Walberg said Trump asked, “what could be done with the selection of electors”, and Walberg advised, “all options could be on the table”, and, “we oughta be pushing our legislature to take on a independent audit themselves, separate from the Secretary of State, who I don’t trust.” Walberg had COVID, so he did not attend the White House meeting. Photographs show all the State Legislative Leaders approaching the White House and staying overnight at Trump’s Hotel in DC (transcript & exhibit below):


Walberg: “When the President called me yesterday to talk about several things including the team of legislators coming to Washington from the State House and Senate today, he does not give any indication to me when we talk that he’s trying to force a victory for himself. Of course, he’d like to see that. I would too.


“Well, a week and a half ago [Approx. Nov 10-12 – after election was determined]the President called me, and we’ve had a couple conversations about the need to make sure that our legislative team is on the same page of understanding what is actually taking place, because the national media is not telling the truth. At the very least they’re giving spins that aren’t accurate, even about the lawsuits and the cases that have been allegedly thrown out, and who initiated those cases, and what they’re attempting to show, and what other reports as well as evidence is that’s out there, and why the President is still pushing forward his team. And so, I suggested a set of names to the President, we’ve talked about it since then, and yesterday he called me as well, to talk about what would be needed, what would be important for the leadership team that’s coming, including Senate Majority Leader, Shirkey, and Lee Chatfield, the Speaker of the House, what they need to know, and what - what from my perspective, what Michigan can do as well, relative to addressing concerns of the President.”


The President of course asked me the question about what could be done with the selection of electors, if it came to the point that it was apparent that there was fraud that went on in Michigan. And I had to say, Mr. President, I think our Constitution set in place the legislature to decide that. They decided that many, many years ago, according to the Constitution. That isn’t – that isn’t the approach that I believe that they have, and I think the leadership agreed with him on that. Now, unless, of course, the election in the courts is thrown out for being carried out illegally, in various ways. Then I think we look at other options, and all options could be on the table. But right now, I don’t think that is the case. What I said is that we oughta be pushing our legislature to take on a independent audit themselves, separate from the Secretary of State, who I don’t trust. I can say that publicly.


After 2020 election MI GOP legislative leaders had meeting with Trump brokered by Walberg


1c) Signed onto Texas lawsuit to overturn the election results.

·      December 10, 2020 – Link to Amicus Brief:


Walberg on Texas lawsuit: “It could change the election results. I’d love to see that.”

·      December 11, 2020 – Walberg called into “Delaney in the Morning” radio show - Audio (6:15 mark):


1d) When US Supreme Court dismissed the case as baseless, Walberg said, “I’ll never forgive them for it.”

·      March 4, 2022 - Invitation-Only Town Hall - Saline, MI – Video (04:25 mark):


Walberg: “The Supreme Court refused to hear the – uh, suit that came from Texas, concerning the Secretary of State and absentee ballots that I signed on an Amicus Brief... It’s just absurd. It’s absurd still. If you want, as a Supreme Court Justice to let our country devolve into what it – what it became, then shame on you. Rule – Rule against it! Rule that – uh, that Texas was wrong! Fine! But to let it remain hanging because they were chicken to do what I have to do every day, in taking a vote on the record?! And they have a lifetime appointment?! I’ll never forgive them for it. I’m sorry to be so emotional.”


2. Anti-American & Anti-Humanitarian Aid

2a) Declared: “Donald Trump did start a war! A war with the liberals, the Marxists, the Socialists...”

·      September 20, 2020 – MAGA Rally, Hillsdale, MI - Video (41:40 mark):


A veteran speaker praised Trump for not starting any wars. Walberg then contradicted the veteran and attempted to hype the crowd into fighting a war on Trump’s behalf against fellow Americans. January 6th occurred 15 weeks after this:


Walberg: “Donald Trump did start a war! A war with the liberals, the Marxists, the Socialists, the fake news! That’s a war he started, and that’s a war that we’re joined at the hip with, right?! That’s a war he will win if America’s people are with him! So, he did start a war! It’s called a war for America! Its freedom.”


2b) Praised Confederacy: “Stonewall Jackson or Lee, who were great Americans... they were being violated by a Federal government”

·      August 7, 2019 – Coffee Hour - Northfield Townshipship, MI – Video (53:10 mark):


Some of the many Confederate flags prominently displayed around Walberg’s Michigan District


[Full exchange at Northfield Township]:

David Trent, Walberg’s moderator: “Congressman, Steven from Monroe asks: Recently, at the Monroe County parade that made statewide news, there was a car that had a completely painted Confederate symbol on it. A Confederate flag also was raised in the air above it. Is the Confederate flag a racist symbol? And does it deserve a place of celebration in your district?”


Walberg: “UhI would have to ask the person why he was doing that. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t know this person. I never saw this. I was at the front of the parade. I was leading the parade. So, I never saw that. But with what’s gone on in our society. And the political correctness that’s on, even to the point of saying, we don’t even talk about history. I would suggest that that would probably, in his case, be an in-your-face, I’m gonna run this flag even though people have said this is a racist symbol.”


Heckler 1: “Even though it hurts people?”


Walberg: “And other people, it doesn’t hurt. But in days gone by – in days gone by we could accept differences of opinion. Now, we can’t. I wouldn’t do that. But I can’t say, whether he thought it was a racist symbol.”


Me: “It’s not necessarily a racist symbol, that’s your position?”


Walberg: “No. It’s not only a racist symbol. It can be a racist symbol, definitely. And I know people who are racist, who have tattooed the Confederate flag on their body. I know that, but I also know historians – legitimate historians are saying, What are we doin’? When we’re tearing down statues of Stonewall Jackson or Lee, who were great Americans in the sense of the love for the country. But their Constitutional understanding was that they were being violated by a Federal government - back then it hadn’t grown as big as today – that was tellin’ them what to do.”


Heckler 2: “Who won that war, by the way?”


Walberg [did not acknowledge heckler 2]: “So, that’s why they made those choices. There are historians that say we ought to learn from history, and we shouldn’t tear down these statues.”


Heckler 3: “Take all those statues, and put them in a Confederate museum so that people that want to see them can go see them!”


Walberg: “Well, down south, you’d be interested to know, that there are a number of my southern colleagues, Democrat and Republican, who still call The Civil War, the war of northern aggression [Walberg smiled broadly]. So-”


Me: “With regard to- [interruption]


Walberg [still smiling]: “And they aren’t racist.”


Heckler 2: “How amusing.”


Walberg [still smiling]: “They aren’t racist.”


Me: “My question about the Monroe- [interruption]


Walberg: “And I think between being able to forgive, if we lose that in our country, we lose our country. “And if we also are willing to be offended by everything.”


Heckler 3: “Have you told that to Trump?”

Walberg: “Wow.”


Heckler 2: “But with forgiveness comes the idea that you’ve learned, and redemption! No?”


Walberg: “Have you learned?”


Heckler 2: “Yes!”


Walberg [pointed finger at heckler 2]: “That’s what’s important. Have I learned? That’s what’s important.”


Me: “That was my question. Did you see any of the news coverage of that parade?”


Walberg: “I saw none of that.”


Me: “You didn’t. So, you don’t know what the rally car looked like.”


Walberg: “I don’t know. I didn’t know it was in it until you asked the question. I’m trusting you that it was in it.”


Me: “You must have seen Confederate flags around the District.”


Heckler 4 [to me]: “You just asked that.”


Walberg: “I answered that already. I’ve seen some.”


Me: “Right. So, it doesn’t bother you?”


Walberg: “No. I – that’s – that is a pure loaded question! I would like to know that person. Why do they have that?”


Me: “Do you know anybody personally that displays it?”


Walberg: “Are they from Alabama? Are they from Mississippi? Do they feel that their states have been stepped on, by being forced - ?” [interruption]


Me: “In the District. I’m talking about in the district.”


Walberg: “No, no, but they probably came from a southern state. Or, they may be racist. I don’t know.”


Me: “So, you don’t know anybody in the district that displays the Confederate flag?”


Walberg: “Do I know them personally?”


Me: “Yeah.”


Walberg: “No.”


Me: “You don’t know – Okay. Then that’s my answer then.”


Walberg: “Did I answer that question? I don’t know anybody personally who displays it. But I’ve seen Confederate flags in my district, but I don’t know ‘em.” [end of exchange]


Walberg’s State Senator adorned in Confederate pride, slouch-texted during Senate session


2c) Called to end humanitarian aid in Gaza and Ukraine: “it should be like Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Get it over quick.”

·      March 25, 2024 - Walberg Invitation-only Town Hall – Dundee, MI (Video and transcript):


[Constituent asked why US troops were helping people in Gaza:]

Walberg: “Yeah. Um – [4 second pauseIt’s Joe Biden’s reason: We need to get humanitarian aid into Gaza. I don’t think we should. I – I don’t think any of our aid that goes to Israel to support our greatest ally, arguably maybe in the world to defeat Hamas and Iran and Russia, and probably North Korea’s in there, and China too, with them in helping – helping – uh – uh, Hamas. Um, we shouldn’t be spending a dime on humanitarian aid. It – it should be like Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Get it over quick. The same – the same should be in Ukraine. Defeat Putin quick. Instead of 80 percent of our funding for Ukraine being used for humanitarian purposes. It should be 80 percent, a hundred percent to wipe out Russian forces*, if that’s what we want to do.”


*On April 20 the House voted on a Republican-led weapons for Ukraine bill (H.R.8035) which was everything Walberg claimed to want, but he still voted against it. Link to bill:


Friday, March 29, 2024 – During a radio call-in 4 days later, Walberg said similar “Hiroshima, Nagasaki” stuff as in the Dundee event (My Report):


Walberg instructed his invited town hall attendees to “fight” against US government

·      August 10, 2021 – Invitation-Only Coffee Hour - Newport, MI – Video (1:00:25 mark):


Walberg: “Now we come to a pandemic. That in the past we went through – We went through pandemics, and we never locked down, or put personal mandates on our people like we’re doing now. We’re in a dangerous situation folks. We need to stand together, link arms as Americans believing that our country is still the greatest – greatest gift to the world that’s been ever given. But we’re gonna have to fight for it. And yes, the word is fight. The word truly is fight. And we can’t get locked up in individual concerns at the expense of doing the larger good of pulling back control from the Federal Government.


Me: “What do you mean by fight?”


Heckler: “Steven, take a break. Shut up.”


Me: “Really.”


Other Hecklers: “Shut up.” [Din of other overlapping heckles towards me]


Me: “Don’t answer that then.”


Walberg: “Go to the dictionary, Steven. You can do that.”


Me: “Like physical violence?” [Din of more heckles. Walberg did not reply with any clarification]


Walberg said Jefferson “took care” of the people he enslaved. Walberg objected to fact that Jefferson’s relationship with Sally Hemmings was not consensual.

·      June 11, 2021 – Invitation-only town hall – Lansing, MI

Audio (0:55:55 mark):


Thomas Jefferson’s relationship with Sally Hemmings was not consensual. She was enslaved by Jefferson from childhood. Jefferson was 30 years older than Hemmings and biologically fathered at least six of her children.


Walberg [amidst a rant against the 1619 Project]: “Rather than teaching about Jefferson and how he ultimately repudiated slavery, and how he took care of his slaves, even when he had slaves. Of John Adams, who – [interruption]


Constituent: “Like Sally Hemmings?”


Walberg: “Pardon?”


Constituent: “Like Sally Hemmings?”


Walberg: “Like Sally Hemmings as well.”


Constituent: “Who couldn’t consent to the relationship he had with her – [interruption]


Walberg: “And – that. Give me the history on that. Give me the fact, on the fact that – that she couldn’t consent. But then you look at John Adams. John Adams, the second President of the United States – John Adams, who never had a slave, and spoke against slavery. Think about Lincoln. Talk about that! Don’t go back to point people to all of our errors.” 

[Walberg continued blabbing, and never let the constituent explain consent.]


In 2010 Walberg campaigned on the racist “Great Replacement” conspiracy 

·      July 1, 2010 – Campaign Meet & Greet – Whitmore Lake, MI - Video (2:10 mark):

Walberg: “When you encourage illegal immigration, and now when it appears like we’re encouraging it for replacement votes because this administration is losing its support of American people, the general voter because they’re saying this doesn’t make sense. Now he needs a new base of voters. We’ve gotta stop that.”

·      September 2, 2010 – Campaign Meet & Greet, Hanover, MI - Video (4:00 mark):

Walberg: “And because Barack Obama wants replacement voters. He wants to appeal to the – appeal to victim mentality and racism, and all of that stuff, which it isn’t in Arizona – um, he goes after them.”


Walberg voted against the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

·      January 17, 1984 – House vote on SB 528 - During his first elected term, Walberg was one of only three members to vote against making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a public holiday. The vote: 97 Yea, and 3 Nea.


Performed a lengthy anti-American speech to international leaders in Uganda

·      October 8, 2023 – Entebbe, Uganda – Video (3:10:35 mark): - My Report on this event:


Some of Walberg’s Anti-American Quotes to Political Leaders in Uganda:

·      “I come to you right now from Congress that doesn’t have a Speaker [smirks].”

·      The worthless – for instance, is the thought of The World Bank, or The World Health Organization, or The United Nations, or sadly, some in our administration in America who say you are wrong for standing for values that God created.”

·      “That’s what the administration in The United States is saying to you. That’s what The World Health Organization is saying to you. Don’t turn to them.”

·      Whose side do we want to be on? God’s side. Not the World Bank, not the United States of America necessarily, not the UN. God’s side.”

·      “this will probably get back to the national media in The United States, and I expect some pushback, but I’m not gonna give in to them.”


3. Divides & Disenfranchises Constituents

3a) Does not publicly announce government town halls or telephone-town halls

·      April 17, 2019 – Invitation-only Coffee Hour – Delta Township, MI (Source: Screenshots of Walberg’s House Events webpage from my phone)


I received a tip about this Delta Township event which had not been publicly announced yet. I periodically took screenshots of his webpage to see when Walberg would publicly announce it, which he did 5 minutes after it started (exhibit below):

When I learned about event, I kept checking to see when it would be publicly announced


·      August 10, 2021 (Approx. 9:45 AM) - Invitation-Only Town Hall – Newport, MI – (Source: My Private Audio Recording)


After arriving to this Newport event, I checked Walberg ‘s House “Events” webpage, and it was still not posted. So, I asked Walberg’s District Director, Stephen Rajzer if this event was classified as public or private. Rajzer replied that it was public. Our chat continued (transcript and exhibit below):


Me: “So, if we go on the website right now, is there any information about this event today? Like, how would anybody who didn’t get an invitation find out about this?”


Stephen Rajzer [Walberg’s District Director]: “The website is Previous Events, as you know.”


Me: “Where can people find Upcoming Events?”


Rajzer: “Via letters and robocalls.”


Me: “So, yeah – yeah! You invite who you wanna come here, and everybody else gets shut out! How is that a public town hall?”


Rajzer: “That’s your interpretation.”


Me: “Well, please answer. I didn’t interpret anything. I’m asking you, how is that a public town hall if you don’t invite the public?”


Rajzer: “You’re here. You’re a member of the public.”


Me: “And I found out because somebody who got an invitation, called – [interruption]


Rajzer: “So, clearly it’s not an invite-only, cause you’re here, and you’re a member of the public.”


Me: “Somebody told – yeah, well – [interruption]


Rajzer: “Huh, huh, Thank you! You’re here.”


Me: “What did that answer for you? Somebody told - somebody who DID get an invitation told somebody else, who told me, like at 11:00 pm last night.”


Rajzer: Which is exactly what the invite asked people to do: Share with their friends and family.” - [Chat continued like that, unproductively]


Nothing in this event “invite” asked for people to share it around


3b) Hires exclusive GOP campaign vendors to mail invitations and send robocalls to supporters for favorable government access

·      As, Walberg’s District Director explained, the only way for constituents to know about upcoming events is, “Via letters and robocalls.” But Walberg employs exclusive Republican campaign vendors to send those. The letters are sent by Jamestown Associates, under the shell company name, “Capital Mail Services, LLC”. Since 2007, Walberg’s office has spent $732,565.64 of our taxpayer money to Jamestown Associates (exhibits below):


Source of dollar amount, House Statement of Disbursements (Q1,2007-Q4,2023):


Maryland business filings for “Capital Mail Services, Inc.” show it is run by Jamestown Associates


3c) Despite no security risk, Walberg’s tele-town halls are never announced, livestreamed, or recorded for later listening.

·      Constituents cannot attend Walberg’s government-funded telephone town halls unless they receive the unsolicited robocalls to join in. The events are conducted by the exclusive Republican campaign vendor, “Advantage, Inc.” under the shell company name, “Constituent Services, Inc.” Since 2007, Walberg’s office has spent $577,156.29 of taxpayer money to Advantage, Inc (Q1, 2007-Q4,2023).


Walberg’s tele-town halls are done by a partisan campaign vendor under a shell company name


Walberg’s office refuses constituents’ requests to join Telephone-Town Halls

·      March 11, 2019 – Coffee Hour – Dexter, MI – Video (0:27:50 mark):

My Report on this event in Dexter:


For six years, I have repeatedly asked Walberg’s office to join one of his telephone town halls, and I never received any help to participate in one. As Walberg instructed Rachel to, “call them and find out how to get on it” on September 18, 2019, I called Advantage Inc. to ask how I could participate in Walberg’s telephone town halls, and they replied to me, “We don’t interact with constituents.”Their reply was ironic, because their shell company name is, “Constituent Services Inc.”


Rachel: “I would like to attend one of your tele-town halls. However, I, like many people these days do not have a landline. How can I participate?” 


[Walberg rambled irrelevantly for a few minutes, then Rachel followed up]


Rachel: “That was my question, and you gave an opinion on my cell phone use, you didn’t actually tell me what you are doing to ensure that you have equal access to all of your constituents - [Interruption]


Walberg: “All I’m saying is you’re gonna have to - Um, have to talk to - Uh, the companies that do that researching... Talk with my office, they would be glad to give you the name of that organization that does it. And if you would like to call them and find out how to get on it. [Walberg shrugged shoulders]


4. Makes Laws to Oppress People

4a) Cosponsored bill to mandate English in the US, a violation of the 1st Amendment & assault on native American cultures:

·      September 23, 2011 – Walberg recorded promotional video for the lobbyist group, “U.S. English” - Video:


In the video for these lobbyists, Walberg praised the legislation that he repeatedly cosponsored (H.R. 997 – 2007, H.R. 997 – 2011) to mandate the English language on all citizens. Walberg more highly prioritizes his bigotry over any other claimed principles like free speech or small government:


Walberg: “I’ve always been a supporter of English being a national language even before I knew that it wasn’t our national language [Walberg smirked]... Same is true with a piece of legislation like Steve King’s bill. If they truly believe that, then let’s develop a lobbying core for that.”


4b) Supported Amendments to oppress the rights of LGBTQ and pregnant people

·      Walberg repeatedly cosponsored US Constitutional Amendments to restrict marriages nationally, and dissolve existing marriages in states that did not conform to Walberg’s hateful criteria: H.J.Res.89 – 2008, H.J.Res.51 – 2013, H.J.Res.31 – 2015:


Testified for an anti-LGBTQ Amendment to the Michigan State Constitution

·      February 24, 2004 – Michigan State House – Lansing - (Exhibit below – obtained via


Deranged testimony from Walberg to push for an oppressive state Constitutional Amendment


Signed an anti-LGBTQ Pledge with A Hate Group

·      2004 – Walberg signed (SPLC Hate Group) Family Research Council’s “Marriage Protection Pledge” – This pledge was to outlaw civil unions and domestic partnerships for ALL couples regardless of sex, and outlaw marriage for same-sex couples. Yet, it included a provision to let states decide whether or not to limit incest and age of consent in marriages (exhibit below, via


Walberg signed hate group’s pledge to nationally outlaw marriage for people they hate


Campaigned to enact an Anti-Abortion Amendment to the US Constitution

·      July 29, 2004 – Lansing State Journal – (Exhibit Source: newspaper scan):


Walberg campaigned for a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortions nationally


4c) Sponsored bills to oppress trans students.

·      February 9, 2023 – Walberg co-sponsored “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023”(H.R. 734 – This bill passed the House on April 20, 2023) – Source:


As usual, Walberg’s bigotry takes higher priority over his claimed principles. Despite claiming for decades that the Federal government has no place in schools, now, Walberg wants to mandate government genital inspections of all female athletes in American schools.


Authored bill to force schools to “out” trans students

·      February 1, 2023 – Walberg introduced “PROTECT Kids Act” - H.R. 736 – Source:


Walberg put government-funded anti-trans ads online

·      July – September 2023 – The caption on one ad said, “I co-sponsored a bill to protect women’s sports” The underlying Russian stock photo did not feature “women”, but a young child. (exhibit below – obtained via Facebook Ad Library):


Walberg spread his hatred with your tax dollars – using a stock photo from Russia


5. Anti-Social Security & Anti-Health Care

5a) Said: “I definitely support the privatization of the so-called Social Security System.”

·      June 25, 2010 - iCaucus Interview - Walberg laughed at, “The Promise” of Social Security by saying, “you and I both know there is no promise – Heh! – in law.”  (audio 10:30 mark):


Paul Hales: “Tim, I kind of characterize our Social Security system as probably a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff blush.


Walberg: “Heh, heh, heh.”


Hales: “Would you support the privatization of Social Security, and get away from this Ponzi scheme?”


Walberg: “Yeah. I mean, when you throw the word ‘privatization’ out, a seasoned campaigner like me understands that is a buzzword that is just about as negative as a noose hanging around your neck. But in talking with you, we all understand what that means, and I definitely support the privatization of the so-called Social Security System. And my principles run very much along what Paul Ryan has been talking about, and even what even George W. Bush talked about, but so ineffectively. That we would make sure that we establish the fact that those who had been paying into Social Security involuntarily, have at least that protection that says: we made a promise – even though you and I both know there is no promise – Heh! – in law.”


Hales: “No.”


Walberg: “But we have technically made a promise. And we are not going to leave you without hope and without that security knowing that what is there will be yours – BUT, we’re gonna say for incoming workforce, whatever age we put that at, after – whatever. But basically what we’re gonna say is we’re gonna give you an opportunity to opt into a system that’s basically a 401K.”


[five minute skip – wandered off topic]


Hales: “I think it’s a violation of the very basic concepts of our Constitution to require people to take their money and put it into Social Security.”


Walberg: “I wouldn’t debate that with you at all. If you gave me a chance today to go to a 401K plan, replacing my Social Security, I’d go to a 401K plan. It wouldn’t be because I was forced, it’d be because – hey, this is an opportunity for me. And I’d do far better than the federal government from here on out, that’s for sure.”


Hales: “Well, it’s a Ponzi scheme!


Walberg: “Heh, you’re right!”


Hales: “That’s all it is!”


Walberg’s cruel and deceptive “Promise of Social Security” talking point:

·      January 2008 – Annual Report from Tim Walberg’s Government Office – (Source: from Walberg’s House webpage via


Walberg exposed his own lie of “the Promise of Social Security” by saying there is no promise


Walberg was openly hostile towards Social Security in 2004:

·      June 2004 – Candidate Debate (Exhibit source: Daily Telegram, via public library NewsBank service):


Walberg: “Wow, I just heard Socialism at its finest... That’s defined as Socialism when the government is required to take care of all of us”.


Walberg accused his opponent of “socialism” in 2004 debate for supporting Social Security


5b) Called Uganda’s cash-based health care system a, “better way”

·      May 26, 2017 – Coffee Hour - Coldwater, MI - Video (37:45 mark):


Walberg: “The quality is unbelievable that we have here, but the cost is the problem. The only better way is getting back to an actual cash-pay where I can negotiate with my health care provider. I experienced that in Uganda a few weeks back, with having a dentist put back a crown that I had pulled out doing what I should do, flossing. I thought: Oh boy. Here I am in Kampala, Uganda. What’s this gonna mean? I can’t live with this crown off. My daughter’s a dental hygienist. She said: Dad, I’ll call this guy, this good dentist here in Kampala. Got me in. Within five minutes of getting to the dental office. 20 minutes he had it all polished up, glued back on, same type of chair setup I would’a had in the United States. Got back out to the reception desk, waited for my pay slip there, looked at it: 38 bucks. Paid cash. That’s the only thing you can pay from anybody. That’s difficult for Ugandans, cause there’s a lot of poverty in Uganda. But America, bit of a different story. While there’s a social safety net still needed for those who truly couldn’t pay. If we could get back to that, that would be great.


5c) Opposed the 2022 PACT Act, a bill to help US veterans exposed to toxic material during service.

·      March 3, 2022 – House Roll Call Vote on H.R. 3967 - Walberg voted no - (Pub.L. 117-168) -


Walberg described with fondness having patients do manual labor in doctors’ offices to obtain coverage or pay off medical debts:

·      September 11, 2018 – MCCC Candidate Forum – Monroe, MI - Video (1:32:30 mark):


[Note: the event moderator, Ray Kisonas showed bias by making up a “rebuttal” rule just for Walberg. It upset the audience and spoiled the spirit of the event as a candidate forum, not a debate. Kisonas did not even enforce this 20-second limit, and let Walberg blab on for 40-seconds without intervention.]


Moderator, Ray Kisonas [Editor-in-chief of the Monroe News]: “I think – Um, I think the Congressman is allowed a 20-second rebuttal on that. So, - I think that’s allowed.” 


[boos and heckles from audience]


Heckler: “Liar!”


Kisonas: “It’s allowed. Please, decorum. Let’s - Please. 20 seconds, sir.”


Walberg: “I think, since that was said specifically to me. I am on Medicare. I’d much rather not be on Medicare, and have options that would be available, better to fit into my needs. Secondly, for the first ten years of my marriage, we did not have health insurance either. And we worked it out with doctors, including my wife - who’s here in the room - cleaned doctors’ offices in order to make a way for us to have coverage.


[din of groans and disapproval from audience


Heckler: “Oh, come on!”


Walberg: “And so bottom line is folks, we need to expand the ability –.” [interruption]


Heckler: [shouts something indecipherable]


Other heckler: “Sit down!”


Walberg: “We need to expand the ability for people to have choices for their individual needs. That doesn’t come from one-size-fits-all.”


Kisonas: “Thank you very much.”


6. Anti-Worker & Pro-Corporate Lobbyists

6a) Attacked 2023 UAW strike: “There is no auto worker that is starving because of their pay.”

·      September 15, 2023 – WKHM - Jackson’s News Talk – Radio Call-In - Audio:


Walberg opposed the prospect of the most highly skilled union auto workers making $160,000 a year, which is less than Walberg’s annual Congressional salary of $174,000. Walberg thought auto workers should be satisfied with 60-80 thousand a year. That is even less than Walberg’s government State House pension, which was $87,262 in 2022, and increases 4% each year.


Walberg: “Workers – workers in Michigan that got a 20% pay increase. In fact, I think we can say for the most part, none. And a 40% pay increase – I mean, that would produce as we’ve seen some of the numbers that would make UAW auto workers – um, upwards of 160,000 a year that they could make if this contract goes the way that Swain wants – or Fain wants to get through. And then you have the auto companies Toyota, etcetera – BMW down south, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky that are making 60 to 80 thousand a year and feeling just fine about that.”


There is no auto worker that is starving because of their pay. And you gotta add Greg [Radio Host], as well there are revenue sharing bonuses that they get each year, which are pretty-pretty strong. You and I don’t get those.”


6b) Said: “We oughta relax the child work regulations”

·      March 14, 2022 – Walberg Invitation-only town hall - Dundee, MI – Video (0:26:55 mark):


Walberg: “We oughta relax the child work regulations... I mean, don’t have child labor, slave labor, BUT... reducing some of the prohibitions on young people working while they’re in school”


6c) Uses lobbyist propaganda: “it helps me make at least my argument, if not my decision.”

·      October 5, 2010 – Campaign Meet & Greet – Brooklyn, MI – Video (4:00 mark):


Walberg: “We can take whatever lobbyists might throw our way. I find a lot of information from lobbyists, that I get at least 3 or 4 sides of the issue – heh, heh, you know, at least two, but generally 3 or 4 sides of the issue, and it helps me make at least my argument, if not my decision.”


6d) Introduced anti-labor rights, pro-MLM bosses bill.

·      October 2, 2018 – Introduced lobbyist-authored anti-labor bill: “Preserving Direct Seller Independence Act” (H.R.7029): - 2019 video of me asking Walberg to explain that bill:


In 2018, Walberg never gave a speech, never issued a press release, and never gained a cosponsor for this anti-worker bill. In 2019, I asked Walberg to explain the bill’s purpose, and its origin. Walberg lied, Direct Sellers Act, it was in my committee... We worked with drafters, bill drafters - committee staff, and bill drafters.” – that bill was never picked up or emerged from any committee. Walberg also failed to describe the purpose with any coherence or consistency with the actual bill text (see video and exhibits below):


Walberg never got Congressional support for this anti-worker bill pushed by DSA lobbyists


The DSA celebrated collaborating on Walberg’s anti-worker bill as a lobbying victory


7. Anti-Public Schools

7a) Made national news in 1983 for act of pulling kids out of public school after hearing unspecified, “sobering” things on Education committee

·      October 15, 1983 - Orlando Sentinel - (Exhibit source, newspaper scan): My Report:


1983 blurb from Florida newspaper about Walberg pulling kids out of public school


7b) Cosponsored “school choice” US Constitutional Amendment to undermine public schools nationally

·      Link to most recent, H.J.Res.36 from 2019:


Some facts about that proposed anti-public school Constitutional Amendment: 

·      It never received a single Democratic cosponsor.

·      Fewer Republican cosponsored it each term. 2012 = 85 cosponsors; 2013 = 80 cosponsors; 2017 = 20 cosponsors; 2019 = 19 cosponsors.

·      It had an odd anti-abortion provision in it. Basically: the government shall never infringe on parents’ rights to choice, except with their own bodies.


7c) Was fired after one year as president of an anti-public school non-profit before it permanently closed.

·      August 3, 2000 – Article: “Center struggles to survice” – Daily Telegram (Exhibit source: public library NewsBank service) - In 1999 Walberg was hired as the president of a new local non-profit, and used it to promote the DeVos’s anti-public school voucher campaign, “Kids First! Yes!”. In August 2000 Walberg was fired and then the non-profit dissolved due to excessive spending and mismanagement.


Walberg was fired after one year as president for wrecking this non-profit


Used non-profit to campaign for DeVos’s anti-public school ballot initiative:

·      May 14, 2000 - The Daily Telegram – Adrian, MI (Obtained via public library Newsbank Service) - Walberg wrote this article which is one of the most stark examples of his anti-public school opinions(exhibit below):


Walberg expressed contempt for public schools & promoted DeVos’s “Kids First! Yes!” campaign


8. Anti-Science & Anti-Environment 

8a) Opposed COVID masks...

·      July 28, 2021 – WJR Late Mornings (Host Kevin Dietz):


During the COVID Delta-variant wave, Walberg tried to ridicule health masks as, “face diapers”. Walberg often refers to his own face using words for the anus – See later remarks about his nose being “sodomized” from COVID tests:


Walberg: “It’s a shame that the CDC isn’t willing to follow the science, and believe science. Uh, and that’s a challenge. And it’s a challenge around here at the Capitol with Nancy Pelosi as well who wants to put face diapers back on our faces when we have no surge going on here. We have most of us vaccinated.”


·      July 2020 and May 2021 Walberg was photographed violating airport health rules by not wearing COVID masks during the height of the pandemic (exhibit below – photos from Politico Playbook):


Walberg violated airport health rules throughout the worst periods of the pandemic


Opposed COVID... testing: “My nose was sodomized ten times in twelve days in going from nation to nation”

·      March 4, 2022 - Invitation-Only Town Hall - Saline, MI – Video (20:25 mark):

Walberg’s description of his own face in anal terms was consistent with his previous “face diapers”remarks, which may explain the byproducts of his speeches:


Walberg: “The World Health Organization is a danger to the sovereignty of this nation. I will fight tooth and tong to make sure that we don’t have a passport like that. Forgive me for the graphic statement that I make here. My staff is going oh no, he’s comin’ off the rail. My nose was sodomized ten times in twelve days in going from nation to nation, the prayer breakfast at the Capitol before that when I was meeting with the President before he came and spoke, requirements to have that test, and then ultimately to show my vaccine card at ports of entry of various countries.”


Opposed COVID... vaccines...

·      August 10, 2021 – Invitation-only Town Hall – Newport, MI – Video:


“Only reason” Walberg got vaccine was to get on airplane to see his grandkids:

[Time Stamp: 0:27:30]


Walberg: “I stand opposed to all mandatory vaccinations requirements. Only reason I got a vaccination is because I don’t get on an airplane to travel to a country to visit my granddaughters if I don’t have it.


I asked why Walberg didn’t want the vaccine and he refused to explain: 

[Same event - Time Stamp: 0:33:05


Walberg [to anti-vaxx constituent wearing medical scrubs]: “I feel for you! I didn’t wanna take that vaccine, but I wanna see my granddaughters! And it’s been okay for me. But you had a choice to not do it. And if you make that choice, you suffer the consequences or the benefits.”


Me: “Why didn’t you want to take the vaccine?” [Walberg turned to look at me, but stood silently and never responded to my question]


Constituent Wearing Medical Scrubs: “So, what happens if you can’t buy food because you’re unvaccinated?


Me [to Walberg]: “No response?”


Walberg denied, flip-flopped, struggled to explain why he didn’t want the vaccine:

[Same event - Time Stamp: 0:35:10]


Me: “Can you tell us why you didn’t want to take the vaccine?”


Walberg: “I didn’t say I didn’t want to take the vaccine!”


Me: “Yeah, you did. You said: “I didn’t want to take that vacc-” [Interruption]


Walberg: “Nah! You jumped on it. Steven, you do it all the time!” 


Me: “You said - That’s exactly what you said!” 


Walberg: “If I have time, I’ll answer that afterwards.” 


Other Constituent: “Probably the same reason why nobody else wants to take the damn thing!”


Walberg: “No. It wasn’t that.”


Me: “I absolutely wanted to take the vaccine!”


Walberg: “Okay, let me answer it.”


Constituent Wearing Medical Scrubs [turned towards me]: “Do you have it then? Great! Do you have it, Steven?”


Me [to constituent wearing medical scrubs]: “Yeah, I took both doses of Pfizer.”


Walberg: “Let me answer it. Let me answer it.”


Other Constituent [turned towards me]: “Why do you still have the mask on?” 


Me [to other constituent]: “Because you can still transmit the Delta variant.”


Walberg [pointed finger at me while facing others in the crowd]: “Hey! This isn’t his town hall! Don’t ask him! I didn’t want to take it because I didn’t think I needed it. I had COVID!


Me: “So, you just admitted it! You didn’t want to take it!”


Walberg: “I didn’t want to take it cause I had COVID! So, why take it? I told the attending physician, why do I take a dose away from somebody else who can use it, who hasn’t had COVID? Is that okay, Steven?”


Me: “The House physician I’m sure had plenty of supply for everybody in Congress.”


Walberg: “No! Not necessarily!” 


Dustin Krasny, Walberg’s Staffer: “We’ve talked about this issue a lot. There’s a lot of questions to get to.”


Walberg: “Let’s get to another question!” [end of exchange]


8b) Bigot to Asian people: “they are not innovators. They are imitators”

·      May 2012 - Walberg quickly traveled to South Korea, China, India, and Germany for the House Education and Workforce Committee. For years afterwards Walberg ignorantly insulted the people from the three Asian countries, but never about the people from Germany (Sources and exhibits below):


o   July 18, 2015 – The Drift with Gary Wellings – Audio:

o   August 9, 2017 – Coffee Hour – Hudson, MI - Video (53:40 mark):

Walberg: “One thing I saw when I went to China – Uh, that I was glad to see, is that they’re not innovators yet, to any great degree. They’re imitators. We’re innovators.”

o   April 6, 2018 – Coffee Hour – Jackson, MI – Video (0:34:20 mark):


After brief tour of Asia Walberg was pleased to declare their DNA made them not innovators


Walberg, “happily” observed things that affirmed his own anti-Asian racism


8c) Climate denier: “Weather and climate are ultimately are the same thing.”

·      October 1, 2019 – Coffee Hour – Dundee, MI – Video (28:50 mark): - Walberg downplays the reality of climate change by pretending it’s the same as daily weather fluctuations. When I asked if he understood the difference between weather and climate, Walberg denied any distinction (exhibit below):


Walberg denies the reality of any difference between weather and climate


8d) Litters fast food trash from car sunroof.

·      August 19, 2013 – Coffee Hour – Blissfield, MI – Video (9:15 mark): - Walberg described routinely littering fast food waste from his car sunroof except when his spouse could intervene to put Walberg’s fast food trash into a proper receptacle (transcript below):


Walberg: “White Castle: You either love sliders, or you hate ‘em. I happen to love ‘em. My wife hates ‘em. So, I have my sliders in my car. Or, you stop and open the sun roof, and as soon as I finish eating my four sliders with fries [Walberg smirked while pantomiming a swift arm-tossing motion then transitioned into a careful lifting of a bag motion] She actually takes the bag and empties it in the garbage can nearby, so it doesn’t – So, I love ‘em. Anyway, that’s the version.”


Walberg loves the oil derrick on his property but thinks solar panels and wind turbines are “both ugly”

·      November 12, 2021 - Invitation-Only Town Hall - Ida Township, MI – Video (0:57:30 mark):


Walberg: “I’m not opposed to wind and solar, though I think they’re both ugly. I don’t want ‘em on my property, or close to my property.”


Me: “You’ve got an oil derrick on your property.”


Walberg: “I love that oil derrick.”


Walberg lied that oil pipelines help animals mate

·      July 9, 2010 – Campaign Meet & Greet, Eaton Rapids, MI – Video (0:45 mark):


Walberg: “if we could find a way to communicate and record their statements, the caribou and the grizzly bears don’t mind either. In fact, we’re finding that they’re mating and they’re producing better around the pipeline.”


Michele Bachmann said same thing around 2008, then more Republicans repeated it, and never cited any science:


Walberg lied that US Military Jets rely on Coal-based fuel, and environmental regulations force the Military to buy it from Saudi Arabia

·      During 2010 Campaign (May 19 in Coldwater, June 30 in Jackson, July 14 in Charlotte, and October 5 in Brooklyn) - My report:


Walberg has reckless and hostile road rage episodes whenever he sees hybrid cars

·      March 11, 2010 – Campaign Visit with Calhoun County Gun Owners Association – Video (1:45):


Walberg: “I gotta admit to you, may have been a little un-Christian, but I finally decided I’m up in Ann Arbor an awful lot as part of my district, and I got tired of seeing some of these Prius drivers go by with their nose up in the air looking at my truck. And I like my truck. It’s safe. It does what I have to do with it. I got a car too, but I love my truck. Let Sue have the car. That’s what she wants. But – Uh, finally I decided: nuts with this. I’m going to go to the body shop and ask them to put that, you know, Daytona racing stripe on the - [crowd laughed– Some of you are getting the point of it. I’m gonna build me a Daytona black racing stripe on my red truck, that says ‘Hemi’ right in the center of it. Big Hemi [Walberg smirked, and crowd laughed and applauded]. So, it may be a – [interruption]


Attendee: “Tim, those Priuses are still goin’ a lot faster around here. They can’t be stopped!”


Walberg: “They’re not stoppin’! That’s why I put my Hemi in front of it to slow it down! But I know it’s not all that Christian, but there’s this little bit of me now when I drive by that – a – uh, Prius in Ann Arbor, and I go and they see my Sarah Palin bumper sticker on the back, and my – uh, uh, NRA sticker, and my Harley sticker, my Walberg sticker on the back, and my Hemi thing on the side of it, that I’ve just bummed out the day for that liberal! [Crowd laughed and Walberg smirked] My wife would kill me for telling that story. No, she wouldn’t. She understands me.”


9. Assumes Congress is Missionary Position

9a) Identified self with the corrupt, pious fraud character: “Elmer Gantry. I like exciting things.”

·      August 6, 2006 – Jackson Citizen Patriot - (Exhibit via public library microfilm):


During the 2006 campaign, Walberg proudly compared himself to, “Elmer Gantry. I like exciting things.” Gantry is the famously corrupt fraud preacher from Sinclair Lewis’s 1926 novel of the same name. Walberg backtracked to deny being lusty or corrupt like Gantry, just a fierce competitor. Gantry was also a drunk, racist, bigot. The opening sentence of the book is: “Elmer Gantry was drunk.” I agree that Elmer Gantry is a great literary character to compare to Tim Walberg (exhibit below):


Walberg identifies with Elmer Gantry whose defining characteristic is being a fraud


9b) Describes US Government in medieval theocratic terms: ”God is our judge, our lawgiver, and our king. Those are the three branches of government”

·      My Report on Walberg’s 3 Prayer Breakfast Speeches in Ukraine:


My Report on Walberg’s 2023 Prayer Breakfast Speech in Uganda:


Commonalities from Walberg’s 4 international speeches:

1.     Pretends his elected position is a religious, “mission field in government”, and uses twisted theocratic terms to describe US Constitutional structure.

2.     Views government job responsibilities as lower priority, “we’re, first: Christ-followers; and second: politicians” and, “Regardless of what my constituents think of me, the God who I serve will be pleased.”

3.     Condemns, “human thought”, “human wisdom”, and even his own thoughts, whether I understand them fully or not” in favor of his theocratic allegiances.


July 2, 2015 – From Speech in Kyiv, Ukraine - Video:

o   “Prayer to God, and the principles of the Bible were the founding principles of our country, and its government. God has indeed blessed America, but that blessing can be lost if we go away from the spirit and the principles of Jesus. These timeless principles that lifted us above revolution, world challenge, and mere human thought.”


May 30, 2019 – From Speech in Kyiv, Ukraine - Video (1:57:40 mark):

o   “Even as we’ve seen in America God bless our nation to the point that now we find that there are people who seem to want to, uh, go a different way, and thinks that in their human wisdom, they can make a nation greater than was designed under principles of God. You pray for us, please.”


May 31, 2019 – From Speech in Zhytomyr, Ukraine - Video (20:00 mark):

o   “God has blessed us with three children and six grandchildren. And then, he has blessed me with giving me the ministry as a member of the US Congress. Mr. Mayor [Serhiy Sukhomlin]politics is a ministry. Remember it is said in scripture that God is our judge, our lawgiver, and our king. Those are the three branches of government. I am privileged to serve with a number of Christ-followers in Congress.”

o   “In my life, as a member of congress, a husband, and a father, if I use the word of God well, accepting his principles, whether I understand them fully or not, I know that my work will have been done well for him, and my God will be pleased. Regardless of what my constituents think of me, the God who I serve will be pleased.”


October 8, 2023 – From Speech in Entebbe, Uganda - Video (3:10:35 mark):

o   we’re, first: Christ-followers; and second: politicians, government officials, doctors, lawyers, parliamentarians, members of congress”

o   “being both a former pastor, before God called me to the mission field in government back in 1982. And I’ve had a wonderful ministry in government in all those years. Cause I don’t see it first and foremost as a Member of Congress, I see it as a missionary of the lord Jesus Christ.”


Walberg disregards government oath and duties in favor of theocratic allegiances


10. Constantly Lies and Cheats

10a) Lied: “I majored in biology with a minor in geology”

·      Walberg has lied about his college credentials for years – my report:


My Video on this topic:


I obtained Walberg’s actual credentials from the registrars offices of all the colleges he went to, which were: Pre-Forestry (dropped out after 8 months, no degree or diploma); Christian Education (Bachelor of Science degree from Fort Wayne Bible College); and Communications concentrating in Cross-Cultural Ministries (Master of Arts with honors degree from Wheaton College). 


[October 28, 2017 – Spring Arbor, MI – Walberg’s moderator refused to read any of the questions that I submitted, so I tried to ask one before Walberg left the room – Video of this exchange is cited in original report]


Me: “You claimed at Delta Township, that you majored in biology with a minor in geology.”


Walberg: “No I didn’t.”


Me: “Yeah you did. I have it on video.”


Walberg: “The context - the context that you have is not the context you’re… [inaudible].”


Me: “You said, ‘I majored[interruption]


Walberg: “Go to my website, and you’ll find out what I majored in…[inaudible].”


Me: “But why did you say that then? Why did you say it? You said, ‘I majored in biology, with a minor in geology’.”


Walberg: “Have a good day.”


Me: “Why did you say it?”


Walberg: “Have a good day.” [Walberg exited the room - end of exchange]


Walberg lied to the public for years about his college credentials


10b) Lied: “I’m proud that I had an immigrant father.”

·      My report: - My follow-up report about Walberg’s bogus excuses:


When asked to explain his years of conflicting lies about his father, Walberg replied, “you can thank Steven Meyers [sic] for doing that research” - Every Illinois birth certificate shows the parents’ birthplace. So, if Walberg ever glanced at his own birth certificate, he would know that his father was also born in Illinois (exhibit below):


Walberg lied to the public for years that his own father, John A. Walberg was an immigrant


10c) Said: “I was a police officer.”

·      April 7, 2018 – Coffee Hour – Palmyra Township, MI – My report: - For years, Walberg has claimed to have been a police officer in Chicago, on “a municipal police force”. When I asked him for some details about that experience, Walberg refused to clarify. (transcript & exhibit below):


Walberg: “You can look it up anywhere you want.”


Me: “So what municipality was it though?”


Walberg: “Look it up anywhere you want.”


Me: “Could you tell me?”


Walberg: “No. You can look it up anywhere you want.”


Me: “What municipality was it?”


Walberg: “Next question. This guy, [Walberg turned to others in crowd with hand still gestured towards me] this guy is looking for stuff, just niggle stuff.


Walberg claimed for years to have been a Chicago cop, which makes no sense


Walberg plagiarized large sections of a lengthy House Floor Speech

·      April 10, 2013 – House Floor Speech – Washington, DC – My report:


My video report of Walberg’s plagiarism on 6 different occasions:


Walberg plagiarized a lengthy House floor speech from a Heritage Foundation pamphlet


Walberg lies about sources of information that he presents to constituents

·      March 18, 2017 – Coffee Hour – Adrian, MI – My report:


My Video report on this:


Walberg read a memo from the anti-abortion lobby group, Susan B. Anthony List, and lied that it was from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office). When I found the actual source and asked Walberg about it, he further lied that it came from multiple conflicting sources: “CBO... Congressional Research, uh, Office [sic]... the President of Planned Parenthood herself”. Walberg denied it’s actual source, “No. That paper wasn’t from Susan B. Anthony List.” (exhibit below):


Walberg lied at a town hall that an anti-abortion lobbyist memo was from the CBO


Walberg lied about another source of information he read to constituents

·      June 18, 2021 – Invitation-only town hall – Adrian, MI – Video (05:30 mark):


Walberg unfolded and a printout of a New York Times article about House Republican’s “Crisis” messaging. While reading it, Walberg skipped over attributions of the messaging to House Republicans. Then Walberg lied, “those are the statements from The New York Times about what’s going on” (exhibit below):


Walberg lied that Republican messaging was journalism from The New York Times 


10d) Proudly admitted to fraud in high school wrestling weigh-ins, then said: “Heh! Heh! And that’s Congress, at times.”

·      April 26, 2016 – Coffee Hour – Saline, MI – Original Link to Source Video (now taken down):


[Source Note: A 58-minute video of this event was posted on May 2, 2016 to the YouTube channel, “Walberg MI-7 2016”. In a 2019 blog post, I cited the video with the following example. Then the video and its channel were deleted. I don’t know who recorded or posted the video or the reasons for its removal.]


Walberg, as an adult seemed unaware of the nature of that fraud and abuse from his time in high school. Wrestling teams get suspended and coaches get fired for directing kids to do such things, yet Walberg described it proudly with “heh-heh” snickers as a model for what he now does in Congress (exhibit below):


Walberg: "There were times when my coach asked me to do things for the team. I remember being asked to go up to a weight class, that I could get onto the scales the day of, or the day before, or the week before the tournament, and I could stand on the scales with my books in my hand, my letter jacket on, and not strip down to make that last little ounce, because it was a weight class above me. Why was I asked to do that? Because it fit for a victory better for the team. All I needed to do was make sure I wasn't pinned... all I knew, my only responsibility was not to get pinned. And I didn't, heh! Heh! Heh! And that's Congress, at times."


Walberg snickered while comparing his high school wrestling fraud to, “Congress, at times.”



Those ten things cover most of the problem as I have found. The most helpful thing to solve our local Congressional problem is to all vote, please. 



Steven Meyer

Monroe, MI

April 21, 2024