Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Video: Parade of Walberg's Plagiarism


This video compiles a pattern of US congress member, Tim Walberg lying to the public about the sources of his information. Two of the examples show constituents directly asking Walberg what his source was, while the information was still in Walberg’s hand, and he lied directly to those constituents’ faces. One of those constituents was me, and it wasn’t the first time Walberg had done that to me, and I refuse to get used to it, which is why I make these reports.

Video Time Stamps:

(00:36) - April 10, 2013 – Floor speech, U.S. Capitol
·      Recited lengthy passages from books by The President of The Heritage Foundation, and Pat Buchanan, and failed to attribute the books as sources

(05:52) - September 29, 2015 – Oversight Committee, Washington, DC
·      Questioned President of Planned Parenthood using a list produced by the hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom, and attributed it to sources that did not contain such a list

(07:56) - March 31, 2017 – Coffee Hour, Eaton Rapids, MI
·      Recited a printout of a Politico news article, and when constituents questioned about the source, Walberg lied that it was from, “Congressional Research Service, and they got it from the law”

(10:20) - August 7, 2017 – Coffee Hour, Jackson, MI
·      Showed constituents a Flow Chart of the ACA system produced by the GOP, and lied that the CBO created the chart

(11:55) - August 8, 2017 – Coffee Hour, Delta Township, MI
·      Showed constituents a Flow Chart of the ACA system produced by the GOP, and lied that the CBO created the chart

(13:28) - March 11, 2019 – Coffee Hour, Dexter, MI
·      Read through a list of inflammatory, hyperbolic House GOP talking points, and when I questioned about the source, Walberg claimed that the, “list comes from my own experience”, and “from actual legislative action”

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