Thursday, July 23, 2020

Video: Walberg Fails to Explain His Own Legislation

This video above, shows two occasions when constituents asked Walberg to explain basic things about bills that he had authored and introduced, and Walberg failed to explain those basic things.
  • The Social Security and Medicare Lock-Box Act, was a bill that Walberg first introduced in 2007, and campaigned on it in 2010, and reintroduced the bill with its current text in 2013. Walberg has reintroduced it with identical text each term since. Walberg refers to the bill in vague terms usually only when people challenge him on protecting Social Security and Medicare, because the bill sounds like it will protect those things. Walberg has never worked hard in Congress to gather any support for the bill. During most terms, the bill has had zero cosponsors. The most support it ever got was in 2007, with three cosponsors.

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