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Walberg Misrepresents American Luminaries

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Tim Walberg presents his positions as though they are aligned with our country’s traditional values and foundational principles. He often supports his stances with words attributed to American luminaries like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and others. More often than not, those quotes turn out to be false.

Steven Meyer
Michigan’s District 7
Sunday, October 14, 2018

I - George Washington John Adams: 
Walberg maligned the words of Adams and misattributed them to Washington

II - Thomas Jefferson:
Walberg fell for a phrase that is commonly misattributed to Jefferson

III - Abraham Lincoln: 
Walberg maligned a Lincoln quote at a Lincoln Day event, & printed a campaign ad with it

IV - Theodore Roosevelt FranklinD.Roosevelt:
Walberg altered FDR’s words, & misattributed them to TR on his website, & Annual Report

V -Martin Luther King Jr.: 
Walberg falsely said that Dr. King and his daughter were registered Republicans

VI -RonaldReagan:
Features three of Walberg’s false Reagan quotes, & research into the origin of one of them

APPENDIX: Walberg’s Habit of Misrepresentation:
Links to reports showing Walberg’s misrepresentation is broad and frequent

I - George Washington John Adams:
Video (1:45 mark):

Video (3:15 mark):

eBook of John Adams’ Writings:

George Washington did not say those things. The closest quote, was from John Adams [above]. Note Adams’ point in the preceding sentence, defining the opposite of moral and religious qualities as, “Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry…” *. Which speaks more about people’s moral and religious civic behavior, rather than as Walberg’s said, being, “…governed by God”. Walberg’s words sound more like a despotic theocracy, than our country with the First Amendment.

*Note: Some sources show, “... and licentiousness” instead of,“… or gallantry”. That makes sense, because licentiousness is a worse behavior than gallantry.

I - George Washington John Adams:

Possible source of Walberg’s Adams / Washington mix-up

July 4, 2009 – HOBBY LOBBY Ad (printed nationwide): 

There are two reasons why this Hobby Lobby ad is the likely source for where Walberg read it, and got it mixed up between Washington and Adams:
1)   The ad features Washington’s name directly above the Adams quote.
2)    Walberg also recited a maligned version of Washington’s quote from the Hobby Lobby ad at the July 9thEaton Rapids event.

            Note that there are major errors all throughout this Hobby Lobby ad. For one, the Adams quote was shown to begin mid-sentence. Secondly, an entire sentence was deleted from the middle of Adams’ quote in the Hobby Lobby ad.

Other websites have taken the trouble to go line-by-line through these Hobby Lobby ads, explaining all of the falsehoods throughout them. However, in this report, I am primarily focused on Walberg’s errors.

II - Thomas Jefferson:
Video (2:00 mark):

Anna Berkes, a Monticello staff research librarian at the Jefferson Library, has done a thorough analysis showing how this quote falsely became attributed to Thomas Jefferson.

She found that the earliest known documented version of the quote from John Philpot Curren, in Dublin, Ireland on July 10, 1790: “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.”

III - Abraham Lincoln:
Thursday, February 18, 2010
Lincoln Day Dinner (GOP) - Jackson, MI
Walberg: “I’ll ask you to read the ad that I paid for, and being a cheap – efficient, Republican Conservative, I don’t waste my money when I put an ad in with something I don’t believe in. But Abraham Lincoln said, ‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.’ We have the opportunity to take this country back.”

Walberg recited and made an ad with a false Lincoln quote. The actual Lincoln quote is so much more eloquent and stirring than the blunt false one that Walberg attributed to him.

Source, “The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln”:

IV - Theodore Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt:
January 2008
Annual Report - Michigan 7th District

Web cap: July 25, 2007 of Walberg’s Official site. This false quote stayed up through his entire first term

Theodore Roosevelt never said such a thing. It was Franklin D. Roosevelt who wrote in, “Letter to all State Governors on a Uniform Soil Conservation Law”, on February 26, 1937, which contained this line, “The Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.”

V -Martin Luther King Jr.:
Monday, January 16, 2017
Salvation Army Harbor Light Ctr. - Monroe, MI
Walberg: Martin Luther King was a true conservative… That’s true about Martin Luther King, he was, he was a Republican too. He was. He was a Republican - a registered RepublicanAs far as I know his wife wasn’t, but one of his daughters has been a very outspoken Republican. But that’s neither here nor there now, but he was conservative. And the reason he was, and there’s some quotes put in that I had not seen before from him talking about the fact that it still comes back to the whole issue of spiritual change in a person’s heart, and that’s the only thing that can make our society function in this world.
Video (00:45 mark):

VI - Ronald Reagan:
Video (1:40 mark):
Note Walberg’s, “…sign the guest book” line which will be repeated at later events.

Video (1:10 mark):

There are two distinct quotes here. I searched for both through numerous Reagan archives:
1)    “Gates… swing wide and free…”
I found nothing even close to this one. Walberg has never recited it the same way twice, so I have searched for it with different keywords. I believe it is totally bogus.
2)    “A nation without borders…”

We will explore the second quote further down.

Video (19:30 mark):
Walberg used to say that, “…sign the guest book” line as a personal addendum to punctuate the bogus Reagan quote, and now Walberg misattributes the entire thing to Reagan!

Also note: How Walberg thinks our government, “ought to mandate” matters of love.

Video (1:30 mark):

VI - Ronald Reagan:

Where did Walberg’s “A nation without borders…”quote come from?

The earliest source of the quote that I could find was from columnist, Michelle Malkin:

January 25, 2003 – Debate on border security - Tempe, AZ
Article about the debate, The Arizona Republic, February 10, 2003

    Malkin did not attribute the line to anybody. I am not certain if she originated it in that debate. I have found accounts that she received strong applause, when she said the line.

VI - Ronald Reagan:

Following the debate with Michelle Malkin, the line started appearing in several other editorials. Those articles either did not attribute the line to anyone, or used vague references, like, “It was once said…”. Then in late-2005, ads started appearing, and a website was launched for the Mississippi chapter of the F.I.R.E. Coalition, both of which falsely attributed the quote to Ronald Reagan. The F.I.R.E. Coalition was recognized by the SPLC as a nativist extremist group. Soon after a series of these ads ran, the quote started appearing in more articles and blogs which also falsely attributed it to Ronald Reagan.

December 18, 2005– M-F.I.R.E. Advertisement:
Ad from Hattiesburg American– Hattiesburg, MS

In 2006, Mike Pence used to recite the phrase a lot during his campaign for U.S. Congress, and he never attributed it to anybody. Ten years later, during the Vice-Presidential debate, Pence recited it again, but this time, he falsely attributed it to Reagan. Mike Pence must have known better.

 October 4, 2016 – Vice Presidential Debate – Farmville, VA

VI - Ronald Reagan:

Today, the top search result for the origin of this quote is this Café Press store. Since 2008, under the store’s logo and slogan evoking domestic violence, items with the bogus Reagan quote are for sale alongside Anti-Global Warming and Anti-U.N. merchandise.

(2008 – Present Day) – / Café Press store

After 2008, the quote and its attribution to Ronald Reagan started appearing all over the place. The earliest Twitter post of it was on April 10, 2009, and the earliest Facebook post of it was on March 10, 2010. Ted Nugent wrote a variation of the quote and attributed it to Reagan in an Op-Ed in Human Events, on April 27, 2010, supporting Arizona’s violent border policies, referring to Arpaio as an, “American hero”, and supporting feeding rotten meat to detained, suffering migrants. Shortly thereafter, I first found Walberg using the bogus Reagan quote as justification for his own positions.

VI - Ronald Reagan:
Monday, September 20, 2010
Campaign Press Release - Michigan, District 7

August 15, 1988 - Republican National Convention - New Orleans, LA
            At the 1988 GOP convention Reagan used the words as a refrain, and attributed it to John Adams. The saying, and its variations predated even John Adams. So, Walberg [and his campaignwere especially short-sighted, and factually lax to attribute it to Reagan. 

APPENDIX: Walberg’s Habit of Misrepresentation:

Walberg’s Own Constituents:
1)    Told factually inconsistent stories about three constituents’ ACA complaints

2)    Falsely claimed in 2017 that constituents don’t mention Russia concerns to him

The CBO Planned ParenthoodLied that a lobbyist document was made by the CBO

The CBO the Affordable Care Act:Lied that a GOP health care chart was made by the CBO

U.S. MilitaryClaimed that U.S. Military jets rely on coal fuel from Saudi Arabia

Winston Churchill Alexander FlemingTold untrue Churchill / Fleming story in a Keynote

Walberg’s Own College CredentialsLied for years that he majored: Biology & minored: Geology

Walberg’s Own FatherLied for years that his father was an immigrant

Joseph Stalin John Witherspoon Robert Mueller

More U.S. FoundersPlagiarized portions of a House floor speech

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