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Update: Walberg Lying that his Father Immigrated to U.S.

This report expands on my report from July 20 about Walberg falsely claiming that his Father immigrated to the U.S., and also referring to him as an "Anchor Baby".

- There are five additional occurrences of Walberg claiming that his father immigrated to the U.S. with that Total to 12
- There is one additional occurrence of Walberg referring to his father as an "Anchor Baby" bringing that Total to 5

Link to full updated and formatted PDF with all of Walberg's claims:

Walberg Claiming that his Father Immigrated to the U.S.
September 23, 2011
Endorsement of U.S. English
Washington, DC
Walberg: “A nation like ours certainly is a melting pot. I’m a Svenska [Swede]. My father came over from Sweden, but he came over to be American. His parents did. And so the language was something that they saw was important at that time to develop, to learn English, and Grandma never allowed us to learn Swedish. She said, ‘Ve’re Americans, ve no longer Svedes.’ Not that they rejected their heritage, but they saw America as a place that offered them all sorts of opportunities.”

Logo for the lobby group

U.S. English is a lobby group with endorsement videos only from white, mostly GOP Congress members such as Steve King (IA-05), Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46), Jim Jordan (OH-04), Bob Goodlatte (VA-06), and former Congress member Tom Price (GA-06). It seems like the initiative would smack in the face of the first amendment clause: “Freedom of Speech”. How would that initiative be anything but Congress putting limits and regulations on our speech?

Walberg Claiming that his Father Immigrated to the U.S.
Saturday, November 16, 2013
The Drift, with Gary Wellings
(Radio Call-in)
Whitmore Lake, MI
Audio (23:00 mark):
Walberg: “I doubt there are very few citizens in our country that don’t feel positive toward legal immigration. Most of us came that way. My dad came over from Sweden with his parents. I’m glad they did. But they came legally, through Ellis Island. Signed the documents, spoke our language, lived by our laws, and I’m the beneficiary of that. There are many people now who feel this is a way to change society, and a way to get special groups who will then vote for them, and take over America – change it from what it has been. Remember our President spoke truth about; and that was that he wanted to do foundational change to our country. We’re seeing that happen.“

Walberg Claiming that his Father Immigrated to the U.S.
Friday, April 7, 2017
Coffee Hour
Luna Pier, MI
Walberg: “We have seen just by talking about it, and the world coming to understand that this President is serious about that, a 61% reduction in the number of illegal incursions into this country since he took office. 61%. We want legal aliens. And we want legal aliens to come, and we want many of them to become citizens. Why do we want that? One of the key things of immigrants coming into this country, including my Father: They enhance the gene pool. Why do I say that they enhance the gene pool? Because most of them come with a frontier, entrepreneurial freedom spirit. They didn’t come to America because they thought it’d be a worse place than where they came from. They thought it’d be better. They thought they had more opportunity. That’s what my Dad’s parents thought. And they found a greater opportunity.”
Walberg Claiming that his Father Immigrated to the U.S.
Thursday, May 11, 2017
Coffee Hour
Jackson, MI
Walberg: “So I would say, I think for a fact, knowing my colleagues, knowing what it would take to get a so-called ‘actual wall’; knowing that there are certain places where you got 30-to-100-foot cliffs, you don’t need a wall; that we will do what’s necessary to make sure our borders are secure. And then secondly, to make sure that our immigration laws, number one: Are followed. And number two: Where we need to reform and make it more efficient in getting people who genuinely want to experience the American dream, to live the American way, to come over here as my Father and Grandparents came, and experience America because they want to be American. To make sure those gates swing wide and free for those kind of people. And we don’t hold back the opportunity for people to experience what America is.”

[Skip to 0:40:20 mark]

Walberg: “I think each individual situation needs to be taken into consideration, which each country as well. I think one thing we oughta make sure is that people that come to this country provide something for this country. That’s how it’s always been. When my family came from Sweden, they came with jobs that they would give to this country, with skills. You just have to go to the Chicago skyline to see Wrigley Building and others, where my ancestors came with stone masonry work and added to that skyline in a very positive way. So that has to continue.”
Walberg Claiming that his Father Immigrated to the U.S.
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Coffee Hour
Northfield Township, MI
Walberg: “There will also be the ending of chain-migration and diversity visas, none of which were ever part of our immigration system before. And we want to promote an immigration system that works as it has throughout the decades and decades that citizens have come, or immigrants have come to this country in order to participate in the American dream, and ultimately become citizens like my Grandparents and Father, who came here only desiring to have the opportunity to be American.
Note: There is an apparent contradiction here when Walberg says that his family came to the U.S. with only a desire to be American, when the previous month, he claimed that they came with stone masonry skills, and he said that we need immigrants with ready skills to immediately benefit the country.

Occurrences when Walberg claimed that his Ancestors Immigrated with Skills: 
·May 11, 2017 in Jackson ·May26, 2017 in Coldwater ·January 24, 2018 in Olivet

Walberg specifically claimed that his immigrant ancestors were stone masons who worked on Chicago’s Wrigley Building, and also helped to shape the city’s skyline. I have some substantial reasons to doubt that claim, but I am still following some leads on that. I will explore those claims further in a later report.

Walberg referring to his Father as an “Anchor Baby
Monday, May 24, 2010
Women’s Candidate Forum
Hillsdale, MI
Walberg: “I thank God that my Grandmother and Grandfather came over here from ‘Sveden’, and my Father was an anchor baby. No he wasn’t, because Grandma and Grandpa came over for the liberty and the opportunity of America, and they said, ‘Ve no longer Svedes. Ve’re Americans God bless America.

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