Tuesday, August 7, 2018

3 Things Today: Primary / 3 Months Since Walberg Coffee Hour / A Question

Three quick observations today:
  1. It's primary day, and there are some important local ballot initiatives to vote on as well.
  2. Today marks exactly three months since Walberg has had a Coffee Hour to address any of our questions/concerns:

Image from Walberg's House Events Page, screenshot from today.

3. How does Walberg select which people will receive advance notice of his Coffee Hours? I have put in multiple requests to his office to let me know about upcoming Town Halls, and to participate in Tele-Town halls. I've never received any notice from his office about any Town Halls, or any opportunity to participate in a tele-town hall. Some people receive letters in the mail about them. I ran across this article in the Manchester Mirror, that described the people as "supporters" who received advance early notice letters in the mail about Walberg's Coffee Hour in Manchester in March earlier in the year. How does Walberg distinguish his supporters from any other constituent? Is Walberg using his campaign lists to send out these letters to supporters from his Government Office?

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