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I've Renewed this Domain: Quick Check-In

Quick Personal Note:

I got this web domain a year ago, and have renewed it today.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read through these reports. 

I still have a lot of reports in the works. 

I feel both a sense of urgency to share the things that I find in my research, as well as a sense to do so in the most responsible, diligent way possible.

I have gathered a big backlog of material, that I am still sorting through.

Currently, I have numerous drafts of reports that have felt very close to finished, but then little hanging details in them open new doors to whole new lines of research. 

Before I ever thought of starting this site, I spent a year working on that one report about Walberg's college credentials. I didn't know where that research was going, or what I would end up doing with all of it, but I felt a personal need to do it. I kept following through on those research trails, checked, and organized everything before I ever finished it and posted it here. All of the research I gathered while looking into that one topic of Walberg's college credentials turned into the other reports that I wrote last year, and into reports that I am still working on.

On April 23, 2019, at the Coffee Hour in Chelsea, Walberg responded negatively to that report of his college credentials:

I was not at that coffee hour in Chelsea. That happened right on the heels of the Manchester, coffee hour, on April 8, 2019, which I was also not at, where Walberg cited me and my report on his father's citizenship. I ended up writing a whole new report about that incident: 

I was able to put out that Manchester response so quickly because it was part of the ongoing backlog of material that I had already gathered. I don't have any backlog of material on Walberg's college credentials though. Everything I could possibly find was in that original report. So, responding to what Walberg said at that Chelsea Coffee Hour didn't really warrant a new report.

Isn't that weird? 

- To now find myself, as a private constituent of Walberg's, in a position to say:

My US Congressman's criticism of me and my work, at his recent government town hall, does not warrant a response from me.

That's how it is though. I said what I had to in that original report, and I stand by it.

That's where I'm at now. That's the biggest change this new term: how my work has become something of a known blip throughout our District. While I'm still a private constituent, I'm proud of who I am, and the research and reports I've produced here. I do this work seriously, and as responsibly as I possibly can.

I have a lot more reports on the way.

Steven Meyer
Sunday, July 7, 2019
Michigan's 7th Congressional District

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Walberg Responds to Report on His Lies About Father's Citizenship

Audio of Manchester event [48:00 mark]

Link to the original report, from October 28, 2018:


On Monday, this past week at the Coffee Hour in Manchester, a constituent asked a question related to a report that I wrote last year about Tim Walberg lying for years about his father being an immigrant. [link to report above].

Walberg addressed me several times in his response, even though I was not at the event. Walberg did not dispute the findings from my report [success!]. However, Walberg also failed to accept any responsibility for his lies from over the years [Boo].

In the conclusion to my original report, I alluded that, There is more to this story. The scope of that report was about Walberg’s contradictions, more than the story of his immigrant family. Now, in order to fully analyze Walberg’s response, this report will present their story in more detail than before. 

First, we will see Walberg’s full, unabridged response from Monday. Then, I will analyze his response and present more public records about the story of Walberg’s immigrant family. As always, this report is entirely sourced from the public record, which I encourage readers to go and check for themselves.

The Full, Unabridged Exchange
Constituent from Lima Township: “Sir? So, last week President Trump said that his father was born in Germany, which is not true. And in the past, you have said that your relatives, your grandparents and father have come from Sweden. The public records show that your father was born in the U.S., in Illinois.”

Walberg: “And you can thank Steven Meyers (sic) for doing that research. And some day, I’ll be able to thank him, because my statement was made on the fact that that’s what I believed, that’s what I had stated in front of my mother who never disabused me of that belief. And I never did the research like Steven Meyers (sic) who spends his time, uh, checking on every word I say, and went back to 1920 Census, and now I have that information. So, I need to thank him and say, I know more about my family’s history than I ever knew before.

Constituent from Lima Township: “Good.”

Walberg: “But my statement was made not to lie, but was based upon the fact that that was what I believed because that was what my family had led me to believe.”

Constituent from Lima Township: “Good. So, we have -” [Interruption]

Other Constituent 1: “We’re all in the same boat. I don’t know anything about my family.”

Other Constituent 2: “Yeah, we’re all in the same boat. Yep.”

Walberg: “And in fact, I’ve probably done more research about my in-law.”

Other Constituent 2: [indecipherable side conversation occurs]

Walberg: “But the issue was- the issue was- the issue the rest of you, uh, need to know about, we were talking about the issue of immigration. I’m a product of immigration. Now I know because of what Steven Meyers (sic) did, in going back to the 1920 Census, now I know my mother – my grandmother came over from Sweden, which I didn’t lie about that. Came over from Sweden in 1889, uh, with my Grandfather. My father wasn’t born until later on in the United States. I know that now.”

“So I can still say the main truth that I was putting out is I’m an immigrant! - The result of immigration. I understand that. But my ancestors came over legally, through Ellis Island. They signed the guest book. They came over with a trade that they could add to our country. They increased the impact of positive on our country, by them coming. That was the emphasis. It wasn’t the issue of whether my father, uh, just because he was either born here after my grandmother and grandfather came, or was born before. That doesn’t make any difference. The family came over legally.”

“So, if an individual wants to continue stalking every word that I say, and trying to find where there might be a, uh, something he would call a lie, let him do it. But that wasn’t a lie. That was based upon the truth that I understood. And Mother, a mother who had taught me not to lie, who sat in rooms multiple times and heard me say that.”

[End of Exchange]


This analysis mostly follows Walberg’s statements in the order that he made them. Walberg’s quotes are shown throughout in burgundy text

“thank Steven Meyers for doing that research”. - I, Steven Meyer, did not do that ancestry research. I wrote the report, but another constituent did the research on their own initiative, over several trips to a public library in our District, using ancestry services, and then shared those findings with me. There were a lot of records, so we spent weeks interpreting, and discussing them. I only showed two of the records in my report. I wanted to give credit to that constituent for their work, but they didn’t want credit for it. For this report, that constituent still wishes to not be identified.

“And some day, I’ll be able to thank him”– Some day? Why not last month in Dexter? Walberg stood right next to me for that whole Coffee Hour. He didn’t make any motions akin to gratitude toward me then.

Walberg now claims that his “statement” about his father’s citizenship was based on his own belief, and that his mother “never disabused” him of it. It was not a single statement though. Walberg has told years of contradictory statements about his father’s citizenship. His contradictions are what initially sparked our suspicion to start looking into it.

The most chilling part of Walberg’s response on Monday, was when he said, “that was what my family had led me to believe.” – Tim Walberg turned 68 years old this past week. He is a sitting US Congress member, and rather than accept responsibility for his own actions, he chooses to place the blame on his family. To now allege that it was his parents who put that idea into his mind, is a chilling accusation. His parents would have known better. So, what motive would his father have, as a native-born U.S. citizen, to lie to his son, and claim to be an immigrant? Even if his parents did mislead him, once Walberg grew into adulthood with responsibilities, he should have developed the cognitive capacity to puzzle through those contradictions and realize that his parents’ stories were wrong, then make amends, and not spread the falsehoods any further. So, I maintain that Walberg is continuing to lie, and refuses to accept any responsibility for his own actions as both a grown adult and United States Representative.

Walberg claimed that he “never did the research” on this, but that too contradicts an older statement of his, describing a trip he took to Ellis Island for the purpose of researching into his immigrant grandparents.

So, Walberg should have easily found on that trip to Ellis Island that his grandmother was only 13 years old when she arrived in 1889, which was 18 years before his father was born.


“my grandmother came over from Sweden… in 1889, uh, with my grandfather” When Tim Walberg did that research at Ellis Island, he would have seen on the manifests that his grandfather’s name was not there with his grandmother’s name. Cook County records, in Illinois show that she did not marry Walberg’s grandfather until in 1901, 12 years after she arrived. My fellow constituent and I have not found any record of Walberg’s grandfather arriving through Ellis Island. I still do not know where, when, or how Walberg’s grandfather, Carl A. Walberg arrived to the United States.

Source: Cook County, Illinois

More credit is owed to the two trusting constituents at the Manchester Coffee Hour who both said, “we’re all in the same boat”, about not knowing their family’s history. They deserve more credit than Walberg does because they are open and honest about the fact. Their honesty stands in contrast our Representative’s. Walberg’s boat is full of splinters and holes. Those two constituents deserve a better boat.

“now I know my mother – my grandmother came over from Sweden, which I didn’t lie about that.”– [Oh, what a Prince!Walberg was proud to say that he didn’t lie about something that nobody ever said that he lied about. Walberg did make unsupported claims about his grandmother’s citizenship though, by referring to his father many times as an “anchor baby”. That pejorative implies that his grandmother had borne two children in the United States when she was not a citizen. While Walberg has never provided support of his claim of that, I have also not seen any evidence to rule out the possibility of that being the true version of Walberg’s family’s story. Walberg’s father and uncle might have actually been, according to Walberg’s claim: “anchor babies”

“But my ancestors came over legally, through Ellis Island. They signed the guest book.” I never determined the legality of how Walberg’s grandparents came over, but there are a lot of the problems with the way that they signed “the guest book”. One of the reasons I only showed the 1920 Census in the last report, was because it is the only Census that matches the Ellis Island manifest. Over time, the census ledgers show a seven-year span between the years that Walberg’s grandmother, Alma arrived: 1889 – 1895.

Walberg’s grandmother was double-counted in the 1900 Census. The ledger from June 13, 1900, seems to account for a residence that Alma shared with her sister, Agnes, and the ledger from June 23, 1900 was her employer, where she also lived. By that year, she had been in the country for 11 years, but the two ledgers say that she had been in the country for five, and eight years. The reason why she and her employer might have falsified how long she had been in the country was for fear of penalty, if she had overstayed her visa. 

The 1920 ledger says that she became a naturalized citizen in 1901, but in 1910, she did not declare being a naturalized citizen yet. We have not found any naturalization records for her. I have not drawn any conclusions about that particular discrepancy yet. However, these multitude of discrepancies across the “guest book(s)” might be proof that she was not being lawful. If Walberg’s grandmother knowingly gave false information to the U.S. Census then that in itself was illegal, and the census is evidence of it. It would make her, in another pejorative term that Walberg uses frequently: “an illegal”.

See these full ledger sheets in Appendix II

Walberg has frequently claimed that his immigrant ancestors arrived with ready trade skills, “They came over with a trade”. The 1900 census ledgers show that Walberg’s grandmother’s occupation was, “Servant”. Domestic service is a common job fulfilled by migrants to our country today [And Trump’s homes and resorts]. Walberg’s grandmother was a 13-year old child when she sought entry to the U.S. port. Walberg keeps attempting to distinguish the way his family migrated to the United States from the way other migrants arrive here. It is false for Walberg to make his family sound more elite, and more skilled than today’s migrant families who also seek entry at U.S. ports.

The iconic photo from last November, shows asylum seekers fleeing from tear gas fired at them by U.S. border agents at the Otay Mesa port of entry. One of the girls running from the tear gas with her mother was13-years old, the same age that Walberg’s grandmother was when she too sought entry at a U.S. port. Since that incident in November, U.S. border agents have continued to launch tear gas at migrants across the border, in 2019.

“It wasn’t the issue of whether my father, uh, just because he was either born here after my grandmother and grandfather came, or was born before. That doesn’t make any difference.”That doesn’t make any difference?!! Then why has Walberg refused to support a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and people with DACA statuses? In 2018, Walberg even referred to his father as “a DACA kid”, during an interview on The Guy Gordon radio show. Since it doesn’t make any difference to Walberg about his father, then it wouldn’t make any difference where the children of any other migrants were born.

“So, if an individual wants to continue stalking every word that I say, and trying to find where there might be a, uh, something he would call a lie, let him do it.”- If Walberg believes having the public’s attention on his public work is “stalking”, then he is unsuited for the work of public office. Walberg’s attitude about me took quite a turn from earlier when he said, “some day, I’ll be able to thank him”. I suspected that Walberg’s gratitude was disingenuous.

“But that wasn’t a lie. That was based upon the truth that I understood.” What kind of logic is that? How can an untruth result from a truth that is understood? Walberg agrees now that his father was not an immigrant. So, we can at least conclude that part was an untruth. So, what does Walberg mean with the proposition that there was: a) an inherent “truth”; b) that he “understood”; but his spoken outcome was c) an untruth? If an understanding follows the truth, then it should remain truthful when spoken aloud. Otherwise, the signals got mixed up somewhere between Walberg’s mind and his mouth.

Revised Syllogism: if there was a) the truthand Walberg b) understood the truth; and he c) repeatedly spoke untruths;– then d) Walberg lied.


Walberg objected to my characterization that he is a liar. I don’t call him that lightly. 

This report considered and addressed all of Walberg’s stated excuses. I considered how all of the information from the records might fit together, and possibly show that Walberg was being honest. However, none of Walberg’s excuses fit with the known facts. As Walberg said, when I find, “something he would call a lie, let him do it” - Okay, I will do it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading all of the somethings today.

Take care,
Steven Meyer [not Steven Meyers],
April 14, 2019
Michigan’s 7thCongressional District

APPENDIX I: Related Miscellanea

This is the 19th occurrence that I have found of Walberg claiming his father was an immigrant. I found this incident after writing the summary report for 2018. So, this is the first formal report showing this incident, with the link to the source for it, and a graph of the total occurrences that I’ve found so far.

The reports earlier this month about Trump lying about his father being an immigrant, had so many similarities to Walberg’s actions that it could not be ignored. So I put together this exhibit on Twitter: @TakeCareTim

APPENDIX II: Full Census Ledgers

These are the full unmarked pages that were condensed for the one exhibit in my report.







Sunday, February 3, 2019

Take Care, Tim: 2018 Summary

Link to nicely formatted pdf of this report:

Observations of the Public Record from Michigan’s 7th District



A - The Three Investigations (3.5 reports)

B - Walberg Misrepresents Constituents (3 reports)

C - Walberg Misrepresents Himself (5 reports)

D - Walberg Misrepresents Other People (4 reports)

E - Walberg Misrepresents Other Things (2 reports)

Reflection & Outlook

  • This is a condensed list of findings from the reports that I published in 2018 about U.S. Congressman, Tim Walberg’s violations of the public trust in five areas.
  • I am Steven Meyer, a constituent of Walberg’s. I am not a journalist, nor a political operative. I am not “a tracker”, as Walberg has called me (April 7, 2018).
  • All of the reports are my own work. I was not paid or guided by anyone to research, write, or publish them.
  • I relied entirely on public sources and public channels for this research.
  • Complete citations and audio/video time stamps are provided in the original reports.
  • I encourage people to check, follow-up, and share these findings.
  • I am still researching and writing. I will publish more reports in 2019.
A - The Three Investigations:

I conducted three investigative reports, which took considerably more time and effort than any of the other reports. I made phone calls to primary sources to obtain information which had been unobtainable through any online databases.

1)    Walberg lies to us about his sources
July 29, 2018 (1st draft submitted to Walberg’s office on May 2, 2017)
19 Pages

·     On March 18, 2017, Walberg read to constituents from an anti-Planned Parenthood lobbyist memo, and told us that it was from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)
·     Walberg’s document was from the lobby group, Susan B. Anthony List as part of their “Re-Direct Initiative”, which had kicked off the previous month, on February 9, 2017
·      I called Susan B. Anthony List, and they sent me a copy of the document.
·     On April 7, 2017, I asked Walberg if the document was from Susan B. Anthony List, and he looked me in the eyes, denied that it was, and dismissed my ability to see.
·     Lying to the public about sources is common for Walberg, for example:
1.    During a House Committee hearing on September 29, 2015, Walberg read an anti-Planned Parenthood list produced by a SPLC hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom, and claimed that he got the information from the two sources cited at the bottom of the list, yet neither source contained such a list.
2.    See the following report on the health care chart

1 a)   Walberg Lied to Us Where a Health Care Chart was Produced
July 25, 2018
3 Pages

·     Related report: For seven years, Walberg has shown the public a partisan, deliberately confusing chart of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and lied about its source.
·     At the two most recent public events, Walberg lied that it was produced by the CBO.
·     The chart itself says that it was created by two GOP members of theJoint Economic Committee, and their staff. They published it as a critique of the ACA on July 28, 2010
·     During the 2010 campaign, Walberg frequently showed the chart, and directed the public towards the Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) website if they wanted to “print it off” for themselves. The only IBD article from the time that featured the chart was titled, “ObamaCare: A Tangled Knot Around America’s Throat” (August 3, 2010)

2)    Walberg Lies to Us about his College Credentials
August 5, 2018
60 Pages

·     Walberg lied for years about having a college major in biology, with a minor in geology
·      I asked Walberg twice, in person, to explain why he said it. Walberg denied having said it until I told him it was on video. To date, Walberg has failed to explain why he said it.
·      I obtained Walberg’s actual degree information from his college registrars’ offices, and from contemporaneous course-catalogues, and other public documents.
·     Official public records are inaccurate & inconsistent. For example: The official directory for the 110thU.S. Congress correctly says Walberg earned a B.S. degree- Yet, all newer editions, including the 115th Congress, incorrectly say he earned a B.A. degree.
·     Walberg’s actual college majors are:

Name of College
Dates Attended
Major / Minor
Degree / Diploma Earned
Western Illinois University
Sept. 4, 1969 –
May 6, 1970
Pre-Forestry (2-year associates program)
Moody Bible Institute
Aug. 1, 1970 –
May 25, 1973
Christian Education
Diploma Earned: June 25, 1973
Fort Wayne Bible College
Sept. 3, 1973 –
May 11, 1975
Christian Education
Bachelor of Science
Wheaton College
Sept. 7, 1977 – August 31, 1978
Communications: in Cross-Cultural Ministries
Master of Arts, with Honors

3)    Red Flagging Walberg’s Ridiculous Stalin Quote
September 12, 2018
38 Pages

·     At least six times, over three years, Walberg pushed urgency on a ridiculous Stalin meme; and now, Walberg pushes ridicule on the urgent threat of Russia’s attacks on United States elections.
·     Even after Walberg received criticism from colleagues, and the media for reciting the Stalin meme, he continued to recite it for years.
·     Snopes, Politifact, and other outlets determined that the meme was false because there is no record of Joseph Stalin having ever said anything like it.
·      I tracked down earlier records of the meme than have been previously reported on, and I believe that the Stalin meme was created and primarily propagated by Donald S. McAlvany.

B – Walberg Misrepresents Constituents:

This section is about the ways Walberg misrepresents constituents in the District

Discrepancies in Walberg’s Constituent Stories
October 2, 2018
16 Pages

·     Walberg twice described hearing from a constituent, “Bill” from Monroe, at a town hall during a specific period of time when Walberg had not had a town in over three weeks.
·     Walberg frequently told a story of a, “Lady in Tears” for over four years with no developments to her dire situation in those years, and with inconsistencies in the story.
·     Walberg wrote an editorial about “J.B.”, invited her to the State of the Union address, and she was featured in two TV ads produced by the Koch Brothers.
·     After those TV ads were fact-checked, Walberg continued telling a false version of “J.B.’s” story without using her name.

Walberg Lying that Constituents don’t Mention Russia to Him
July 22, 2018
5 Pages

·     On August 8, 2017, Walberg lied that people across the district don’t mention Russia to him, and lied that it wasn’t mentioned at his two town halls the previous day.
·     Russia was brought up by constituents at all four town halls on August 7th and 8th.
·     In 2017, Walberg had held 12 coffee hours by August 8th.
·     Over 40 Constituents by name are on video bringing up Russia at ten of those coffee hour events. The Luna Pier event in April is the only event where Russia was definitively not brought up by constituents. I have not determined if it was brought up at the Saline event in July, because that is the only video recorded at Walberg’s coffee hours from that time that has not been posted to the public.

Walberg Compares Constituent Questions to Domestic Violence
August 20, 2018
6 Pages

·     Walberg received criticism for his, “beating my wife” remark on August 8, 2017.
·     Walberg made the same domestic violence retort the day before in Delta Township and received chuckles from the crowd there.
·     Responding to criticism, on August 9th Walberg claimed that he had made the comment because, had taken “umbrage” with the “scurrilous statement, not backed up with any truth at all” about making cuts to Medicaid. 
·     However, the question had been screened by Walberg’s chosen moderator, and then Walberg admitted that he did want to cut Medicaid expansion from the ACA.
·     Walberg grinned both times he made those domestic violence retorts.
·     Walberg frequently makes excuses for violence such as with Greg Gianforte, and a 2006 campaign staffer, convicted of domestic violence while working for him (see APPENDIX).

C- Walberg’s Misrepresents Himself:

This section is about the ways that Walberg has misrepresented himself to the public.

Tim Walberg has Lied About His Father and Grandmother’s Citizenship Statuses for Years
October 28, 2018 (Earlier drafts: August 13, 2018 & July 20, 2018)
21 Pages

·     At least 18 times from 2010 through 2018, Walberg has lied to us that his father was an immigrant from Sweden.
·     Walberg’s father was born in Illinois to parents who were both naturalized U.S. citizens.
·     Walberg claimed his father immigrated during the Swedish famine. The last famine in Sweden ended in 1868, decades before Walberg’s grandmother was even born.
·     Other errors and inconsistencies in Walberg’s accounts of his immigrant ancestors include: Their work skills; which family members immigrated together; and whether or not Walberg’s father was, in Walberg’s words, “an anchor baby” or, “a DACA kid”.
·     Since the October report, I found four other occurrences, all from 2018, of Walberg telling us these lies. Those occurrences, with sources, are shown in the APPENDIX

Walberg Claims He Was a Police Officer
August 9, 2018
7 Pages

·     Since at least 2010, Walberg has claimed to have worked in either "law enforcement”, on a “police force”, and as a public municipal “police officer”, among other terms.
·     None of Walberg’s own official biographical sketches show that work experience.
·     When asked about it at a coffee hour on April 7, 2018, Walberg refused to provide specific details of that work experience such as the name of the municipality.
·     Since I published this report, Walberg claimed again, “to have worked in law enforcement” while speaking with WILX, News 10 (exhibit above)
·      I am still trying to find public records to clarify what Walberg’s actual work experience at the time was.

Why Has Character Stopped Being First for Walberg?
September 18, 2018
5 Pages

·     Before Donald Trump became the GOP nominee for President, Walberg advised, “to look for character first” in a potential President.
·     As both a nominee, and an office holder, Donald Trump has consistently failed to meet the specific standards that Walberg had advised.
·     So, it raises the question: Why does Donald Trump have Walberg’s support, when he has failed at Walberg’s own standards for character?

Tim Walberg Lied to Us about a Committee Hearing with Betsy DeVos
September 1, 2018
18 Pages

·     On October 30, 2017, Walberg misled constituents by suggesting that he had questioned Betsy DeVos about School Choice during a committee hearing, and claimed that DeVos was not pushing for more school choice.
·     By that date, Betsy DeVos had not appeared before the House Education & Workforce Committee. Her Twitter profile still identified her as: “an advocate for school choice”.
·     To date, Walberg’s House page shows he is also pushing for school choice legislation, and is a member of the Congressional School Choice Caucus.
·     Over his entire political career, Walberg has shown an aversion to public schools, and given special favor to private, home, parochial, voucher, and charter schools.
·     At the start of his political career in 1983, as a member of the Michigan House Education Committee, Walberg made national news by pulling his own kids out of public schools.
·     In 1986, Walberg introduced legislation to give preferential lax standards to home schools, and snidely said that public school opponents were, “protecting their turf
·     In 2000, working at the Warren Reuther Center, Walberg wrote op-eds, and hosted debates to promote the DeVos’s statewide school voucher initiative, “Kids First! Yes!”.
·     From 2001 – 2006, Walberg was a member of the Board of Advisors for the DeVos’s school choice PAC, The Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP)
·     On December 10, 2014, GLEP posted on Facebook about their excitement for Walberg returning to the House Education Committee.

Flip Flop: Walberg on Trump’s Wiretapping Allegations
August 23, 2018
4 Pages

·     On May 11, 2017, two months after Donald Trump alleged that Barack Obama had wiretapped his building, Walberg confidently told constituents that he didn’t think Trump’s allegation was true.
·     On January 11, 2018, eight months after speaking to constituents, Walberg’s opinion had flip-flopped in a call-in to a right-wing talk radio show.
·     On that radio show, Walberg cited vague, non-specific things to justify his opinion. He did not explain why his opinion had reversed in eight months.

D - Walberg Misrepresents Other People

Walberg’s Smear of Eric Holder
October 29, 2018
3 Pages

·     At the House Oversight & Gov’t Reform committee hearing on February 2, 2012, Walberg engaged in a grotesque line of questioning of Attorney General, Eric Holder
1.    Asked Holder to compare himself to Joe Paterno (from Penn State scandal)
2.    Accused Holder of setting up ATF’s Fast & Furious operation as a conspiracy against the Second Amendment
3.    After Holder twice objected to that accusation, Walberg lied that it was Holder who had originally brought up the conspiracy, and then Walberg instantly pivoted to ask the next question
4.    Asked why did Holder, “consistently fail to read extremely important papers”
·     After that fourth question, the GOP Committee chair person ordered Walberg to suspend, and noted that Walberg’s questions were outside of the scope of the hearing.
·     On October 2, 2012, Walberg called into NRA News, and gave a false account of that committee hearing.
1.    Walberg falsely claimed, “I didn’t get any answers” from Holder.
2.    Walberg lied that Holder interrupted to puff out his chest: “…I’m the Attorney General of the United States! How dare you question?!”
3.    Walberg lied about having to condescendingly explain the committee rules to Holder, as one would with a child.

Walberg Misrepresents American Luminaries
October 14, 2018
15 Pages

·     Walberg frequently uses quotes falsely attributed to famous, beloved Americans as an attempt to put credibility behind his own positions on issues.
·     This report looks at Walberg’s misrepresentations and misquotes over the years of eight different American luminaries:
George Washington • John Adams • Thomas Jefferson • Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt • Franklin Roosevelt • Martin Luther King Jr. • Ronald Reagan
·     The Martin Luther King Jr. example was one of the first letters that I ever sent to Walberg on April 3, 2017. I had put considerable effort into writing that letter, and hoped that I would hear back from Walberg. I sent some follow up letters to Walberg on the matter, and to date never heard Walberg address it anywhere.

Walberg Misrepresenting History to a Room Full of Academics
July 24, 2018
2 Pages

·     On May 16, 2015, Walberg gave the graduation keynote at Spring Arbor University, with a lengthy, untrue story about Alexander Fleming and Winston Churchill.
·     Walberg gave no indication in his keynote that the story was untrue.
·     Folk history shows several variations of the Churchill/Fleming story over decades.
·     Each version of it has long been proven false via several lines of evidence.
·     The estates of Fleming and Churchill have both debunked the story too.

Quickie: Walberg’s Bogus Voltaire / Gutenberg Bible Remarks
December 14, 2018
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·     TheLibrary of Congress is right next to Walberg’s building, ready to help him 24/7

E - Walberg Misrepresents Other Things

Walberg’s Plagiarism from a House Floor Speech
July 20, 2018
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·     On April 10, 2013, Walberg delivered a House Floor speech about religious liberty in which four lengthy sections had been plagiarized directly from two different books:
1.    Suicide of A Superpower (2011), by Patrick J. Buchanan
2.    The American Spirit (2012), by Edwin J. Feulner & Brian Tracy
·     One section (see exhibit above) appears in the Official Congressional Record, as a quote of one of the U.S. Founders, yet that section had not appeared as a quote in the book or the pamphlet that Walberg had plagiarized.

Walberg said U.S. Military Jets Rely on Coal Fuel from Saudi Arabia
July 30, 2018
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·     For more than five months of the 2010 Campaign, Walberg kept making an absurd claim that U.S. environmental regulations prohibited the production of jet fuel from coal, so the Military was forced to buy coal-based jet fuel from Saudi Arabia.
·     Walberg frequently claimed that those environmental regulations made us less safe, “…what does that say about our security and defense capability?”
·     At the October 5 event, Walberg accused his campaign opponent, Mark Schauer of having voted for that nonexistent regulatory policy.


·      I hope that professional journalists will follow up and report on these findings
·     As a constituent, I originally presented many of these findings to Tim Walberg’s offices, asking for explanations, and have not received responses to any of them.
·     These reports focused on accountability and truthfulness, not politics. Lack of accountability and truthfulness result in a lack of public trust.
·     Therefore, based on these findings and my personal experience as a constituent, I believe that Tim Walberg has abused the public trust, and he is unfit for public office.


·      I have more than a dozen unfinished report drafts from 2018, which I am continuing to work on, and plan to publish in 2019
·      I plan to follow-up on several of the reports from 2018 with additional findings
·     In 2019, I will be reporting on other public office holders in the area, and other observations of our local public record.

Personal Note:

I became much more civically involved after the 2016 elections. Prior to that, I had never called, written to, or attended a town hall with a member of congress before. I sought assurances that Walberg would be a wise, steady check on Trump’s lies and offensive impulses.

I did not set out to focus on Walberg. I only expected to check in and learn that he had matters under control, and once content with that, I would look into other things. It quickly became evident that along with excusing Trump’s lies and impulses, that Walberg was full of problems of his own. So, I have kept my attention on those problems of Walberg’s.

I hope these reports convey that my criticisms are not directed at Walberg’s party or at his personal values. The main focus of my criticisms relate to truthfulness and accountability. In 2019, if Walberg begins to uphold those qualities, then I will be happy to close out this effort and direct my attention elsewhere, content in the knowledge that Michigan’s 7th District is in being taken care of and represented well by Tim Walberg.


Steven Meyer
Michigan’s 7th Congressional District
Sunday, February 3, 2019

APPENDIX: Here is new Information from the summary report, that had not been cited, or sourced in any of my published reports until now.

APPENDIX - Walberg Compares Constituent Questions to Domestic Violence

Walberg’s Staffer Convicted of Domestic Violence while working on 2006 Campaign

·     Walberg had no problem keeping the staffer on his campaign after learning of it. The staffer eventually quit on his own, shortly before the election, and was not fired. 
·     All of Walberg’s statements show more concern for the staffer’s reputation than the incident of violence that he had just been convicted of.
·     Walberg tried to minimize this staffer’s role as little more than a volunteer, “putting up yard signs and answering phones”, but FEC reports show that he was being paid about $1,000 per week salary, the same as Walberg’s campaign manager at the time.
·     This staffer was also frequently reimbursed for mileage and supplies.

APPENDIX - Walberg Lied About His Father & Grandmother’s Citizenship for Years

·     Here are four more occurrences, all from 2018, of Walberg lying that his father was an immigrant
·     Links to video sources and time stamps are each provided below

Video (00:30 mark):